Need a tilt table for goats

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  1. They make a tilt table, chute, for cattle to get their hooves trimmed. The cow gets locked in and the table tilted over so she is on her side. Why can't someone invent a tilt table to goats? Some of us old-timers, and back injured goat lovers could keep and love our goats longer if we were equipped thusly. ;)
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    There is such a thing, for shearing alpacas. They are quite spendy, but they exist.

    I used to shear alpacas and at that time there were no tilt tables available. We just had to get enough people (usually three) and lay the animal on the table. Now they have a table that turns until it is perpendicular to the ground. You lead the animal up, and secure it to the table (it looks more like a small wall at this point). Once the animal is tied on, you use the hydraulics and the table tilts until it is parallel to the ground.

    If you do a search on alpaca shearing table, I'm sure you'll find one. But like I say, they are not cheap!

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    There are tilt tables for sheep which is a size that would work. I see them on Craigslist.
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    Sydell makes tilt tables for goats...
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  6. Cool, thanks. I didn't know they made them. Well, there's my problem!!! :crazy Ask and you shall receive. This is what I cannot do because the bending over kills my back and puts me flat on my back again.