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ND with milk fever not recovering

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New member here, so thank you in advance for any guidance! I have an 11-year-old Nigerian dwarf doe who kidded with triplets one week ago. The next day, she went down with milk fever. I treated her with 60 cc of CMPK twice a day under the vets guidance. We also started Nutra drench as she was off feed, B vitamins twice a day and probiotics. She has had several blood tests that show continued hypocalcemia. We switched her to calcium gluconate as the rest of her electrolytes were fine. She improved to the point where she was up, looking reasonably bright, and she will eat browse. She now seems to be stuck in this place. She will occasionally eat a handful of alfalfa leaves out of my hand, but that is rare. She refuses all grain, all hay. I went to the feed store and bought everything I could conceivably tempt her with. Several bales of different hay, Beet pulp, alfalfa pellets, hay pallets. No to all of them. she does chew cud and passes normal manure. She is not interested in her babies. I have been giving 20 cc of magic three times a day (I stopped nutridrench), and Probios. She was treated with penicillin for 5 days and finished that course. Vets are stumped. Please help. I love this doe, and if I could will her to get better, I would. She is currently getting:
b vitamins (injectible)
10-15 cc of calcium gluconate depending on how listless she is

I dipped her urine this morning and it was negative for ketones.
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