My Saanen doe Carmen kidded ! And a couple questions....

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by MiddleRiver, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. MiddleRiver

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    My Saanen doe Carmen had her kid Sat. evening - a HUGE buckling ! She did really good, needed a bit of help to get him out past that big head, but she is doing great and looks awsome ! She is so in love with him and is such a good mommy too :+)

    He is really cute - he has one ear that looks like an extra long saanen ear ( or donkey ear ) and the other ear looks 100% nubian - lol ! So one ear flops and is wide, the other stands strait up :+) He is white with very light orange spots and a black tipped tail - very cute !

    I'm working on getting pics, but i do not have a functioning dig. camera at this time. Next one to kid is my Alpine doe that was bred to my awsome alpine buck before he passed - she is due 2/18 - i can't wait !

    Oh, the weather is about 20-30 above during the day here, and at night it can be anywhere from 0-18 above - right now i have a kid coat on him, and a heat lamp in the kidding stall in the garage - when can i take these things away and when can he go outside ? I need the pen before my next doe kids.

    I also wormed her after kidding with the valbazon(sp?) that my vet gave me for worming them after they kid - the dose he said to give her was 4 cc ( he said for a 120-140lb goat - she is about 125 lb ) - was that a correct dose ?
    Thanks !
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    I thought that was right.....but I looked on my bottle, and I wrote down valbazen at 1cc per 10 lbs. on it.

    If my note is right....then you are probably shy on giving her enough.
    Maybe somebody else will post at what amounts that they give it........and too, you might look in 101 to see if it is listed there.


  3. Sondra

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    1 ml per 10 pounds- given orally.
    now give her cydectin or ivormec in 10 days also
    get the coat off the kid so it grows it's undercoat and should be able to go outside during the day at least.
  4. MiddleRiver

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    Thanks guys - wow, 4 ml is not enough - i'm glad i asked - i'm gonna have to go buy more. I have 1.87% ivermectin paste ( for horses ) can i give her that in 10 days ? If so, how much ?

    Her buckling was shivering the first night a tiny bit thats why i put the coat on him, i just really worry about him getting too cold. But i will take off the coat - are little shivers ok then ? Or when will i really know that he is cold and something needs to be done ? Thanks !