My last doe kidded, and made me work for it !

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    My last doe to kid ( Alpine doe - Daisy ) has kidded. I got home from work and just looked out at everybody and saw a little one with her nursing, so i quickly went in the house and called a family that was coming to pick up my last non-Alpine doe and her kid to let them know i was home and ready.

    Then i went outside and saw the kid was at least a couple hours old, 100% dry, and her cord was pretty much dried up already - she was also walking around and nursing. So i'm looking at Daisy, whom is acting VERY normal, eating, feeding her kid, chewing her cud - all that. BUT she really didn't look "sunk in and empty" - I really only thought she would have one kid as she had a very small belly - so i went to bump her and as soon as my hand touched her belly i felt hooves, it was VERY obvious there was another kid in there.

    So the people show up and took my other doe home, so now the kidding stall is empty - i put down fresh bedding and called for help - i needed somebody to hold Daisy, and i washed up. Help arrived, i gloved and lubed up, and went in. It was a confusing mess ! I at first had a front leg and back leg, couldn't feel much, so took the gloves off, then i found the head was folded back and nose by the butt, after about 30 min. i finally got everything in order and guided the kid out - by this time Daisy was pushing good and helped quite a bit. I've straightened out foals before, but this was really hard as there is not much room there at all.

    So i thought the kid would be dead as well - my goal was really to just get a dead kid out of this doe - BUT, she is alive and doing well so far. TWIN does !!! I'm so thrilled.

    I came in to wash up after drying the kid and called Sara ( blissberry ) to ask what next ? She was very helpful, and made me feel better about everything that concerned me. Thank you so much Sara !

    I waited 3 hours for her to pass the after birth and she didn't so i gave her 1/4 cc. oxy., then checked her again about 45 min. later and she still didn't so i gave her another 1/4 cc. she only had about 3 inches hanging out - then i fell asleep. So this morning when i got up at 4:30am it appears she passed it and ate it - nothing is hanging out, but i didn't find anything either.

    I am wondering though if everything is ok, as this morning she was laying down chewing her cud, then got up when i went in the pen, and while i was checking the kids i saw her go back over to where she was laying and paw the straw a few times and lay back down, and started chewing her cud again. Can this be normal, or should i be alarmed ? What should i watch for or do ?

    Thanks !
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    Probably normal if it doesn't continue, she will have the after birth pains as the uterus shrinks back down. Especially right after nursing her kids