My baby Penny.....

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    Farwell Penny :sniffle! I remember when you were born 3 of 4 babies and 8.5 pounds. You were so happy, just a gentil little giant wanting to explor the world. You and your 2 other brothers your mom diden't want, so I took you into my house as my very first bottle babies. But you above all I loved the most, you were always smilling at me. When I took you out for playtime (before you were allowed to go into the big pen) you were always right by my side, running, jumping, bouncing, playing, you thought you could take on the world! But then that fatefull day came, and at about 6 months you "mother" ramed you into the side of the feeder. You were then diganosed with a stifel injury. I tried everything I could for 6 months stright. But you never came aroud, and you got worse and worse as time went on. So one day you dicided for me that you could go on no longer, you just diden't want to get up. So I called Tammy to come take you away and use you for the purpose you were born into this world for. I am so sorry I could not fix you :sniffle :sniffle :sniffle :sniffle! I really am, but what else could I do :sniffle :sniffle. But right as I am typing this you are probably looking down from ranbow bridge just smilling at me and saying don't cry, it was the best way I could go. I never knew hate or anger, just love from the person I loved the most. Good buy Alexis, I loved you so much!

    And good buy my baby Penny, you taught me so many things in this short time you were here, you will live on in my memory forever! Good Buy! I LOVE YOU and don't you foreget it! :sniffle :sniffle :sniffle :sniffle :sniffle