Mucus Plug

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Cotton Eyed Does, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Cotton Eyed Does

    Cotton Eyed Does New Member

    Noticed yesterday when I went out to feed that Cambrell was losing her mucus plug. Big white blob of mucus coming out. She is due 2-22-08. Syrah is due 2-15 and Sydney due 2-23-08. It won't be long now.
  2. BlueHeronFarm

    BlueHeronFarm New Member

    I had one shoot out liquid yesterday. It took about 15 minutes to decide it was probably urine and that she was too big/uncomfortable to squat. But I was ready to scrub up. ;)

    ...can you believe it's time again???

  3. Corky

    Corky New Member

    Becky, could you be off one cycle on that doe?
    When my does loose their plug they kid within 24 hours. :/

    A bunch of us have our kids due at the same times.
    Yep. It is just about time here too.
    First one due the 23rd. then 26th then a week later and then another month later due to the fact that the doeling was too small to be bred when the others were.
    I like to have the kids close because they are all kept in the same pen.
    I had them a month apart last year and they got along fine though. The buck was born first too.
  4. Sondra

    Sondra New Member

    Oh I had one Friday gooping all over so know it will be fairly soon but she is also the same goat that has discharge every month cycling while being pg