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  1. Jo@LaudoDeumFarm

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    Just want to be sure on some things...

    I have three different pens of does. They have different ages. I was looking through my supplies and I have only 2 ,1/2 inch needles. So...Can you re-use needles and clean them out in between or is it better to use a fresh needle on every goat? I also have some long needles. I think they must be 1 inch (or maybe more.)

    Usually (with b-complex shots), I leave a clean needle in the bottle and use a syringe to pull the fluid from it, then pop on a needle and inject the contents. Take that needle off and use the syringe to pull it again, then pop on a new needle and I'm not putting a dirty needle in a bottle.

    I have 17 goats to vaccinate with three do you all handle doing this number of animals? Do you mix vaccines, or is it better to give them one at a time?

    I'm trying to get the girls done soon before I breed. I plan to start breeding as soon as they start coming into heat this next week.

    It is best not to give vaccines when they are pregnant? Or actually, some people do give give boosters before kidding, don't they?

    I did one animal today. Something that stands out for me is, I don't know to tell if I am doing a sub q shot right? "not to do it between the layers of the skin." So how do I know I did that right?

    I know this is lots of questions. Thanks for the help. ~ Jo
  2. Anita Martin

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    I've used a clean needle, but same syringe lots of times. The needle gets dull after a use and I don't feel good about sticking it into more than one goat. I may be missing the mark on reusing the syringe too, hopefully someone else can advise.

  3. Theresa

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    I use a clean syringe and needle for each shot. But I then reuse the syringe to give wormers or whatever else I need to give orally. I would not reuse needles because they do dull, even if it was for the same goat. I guess if you had to then you could maybe use the needle twice on the same goat but you will notice that it is not as easy to stick the more you use it. Also, don't mix the vaccines together. Or any medication for that matter. Some will react with each other.
    Hope this helps.
  4. Sondra

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    ALWAYS use a new needle here. now in a pinch if you have a goat dying and no needles then I would boil one and reuse but keep in mind it is going to be dull