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  1. I should really know all this already, but I don't have it written down and since some of y'all have worked with Biotracking for CAE testing already I figure I can just post here.

    What day(s) do they test? When do you send in your samples?
    For the ID column do you write their names? Tattoo numbers (like X13)? Reg. number?
    Do you send the payment along? Anyone send them a check?

    Thanks for any and all information. :D
    I hope to pull blood on the 70 head this coming weekend...we shall see.
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    Roseanna I always call the lab so they know I am sending in 50 tests etc...they have a website pretty sure it is just a .com the info on them in in goatkeeping101. Sorry haven't used them for CAE yet. Vicki

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    Hi Roseanna! We used them earlier this year for pg testing. We just sent them a name (didn't have a #) and prepaid with a check that was sent a long with it and like Vicki, I called them ahead of time to let them know it was on it's way. I think we pulled it Saturday and sent it off on Monday.
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    I would follow Vicki's advice and call them, they are very nice and don't mind answering questions.

    When I had mine done there, they said they usually do the tests on Thursdays but it was according to how many samples they received.
    On the ID column, I used names but I'm not sure that it would matter, as long as you know who they are and both the ID column and the tubes matched. I sent payment by check in with the tests and had no problems.

    Good luck with drawing blood on that many goats!
  5. Thanks for all the information.
    I really hate the phone...and talking to people on phones, unless I am desparate.
    I'll get up the gumption to call them this week though.

    I am, thankfully, getting help on pulling blood from another local goat breeder. I've never drawn blood before and the idea of sticking a needle in a vein? Ick...makes me cringe. I'll get over it. I know I will, but it still creeps me out to think about it.
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    You really don't have to call them. Just label the tube with the goats' name, and then I put a cover letter in the box, explaining what tests I want and listing the names of the goats. I do include my phone # in case they need to call me. I also tell them how I want to be notified - fax, by mail, etc. I always pick fax, because I need to know NOW! :)

    I enclose the check (say 4 animals X $7.50 = $30.00) and I'm done. Send the blood to arrive by Wednesday, as they usually run tests on Thursdays. If they receive a lot of samples, they may run another test during the week, but Thursday is their regularly scheduled test date. Wrap your tubes in some newspaper (for padding) and make sure your box is sturdy enough to have another fat box sat on it without breaking your tubes.

    If you do call, ask for Chuck. He super nice and down to earth. He's the one that turned us on to Air-Tite for blood sample tubes - good and least expensive.

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    we did have shipping trouble w/them this year. Wasn't bio.T. fault however. We sent our blood off on a Fri. using priority mail thinking no problem getting there by wed. It took until the next Mon. however, so a total of 8 shipping days. Might have been a problem if it wasn't in the winter.

    good luck to you.