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  1. Jo~*

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    Hello again :hi

    Ok, what kind of mineral or salt should I be giving my doelings.
    One is 7 weeks old one is 11 weeks old, both on whole cows milk 20 0z three times a day.
    Free choice alfalfa and some grain. The only mineral mix I have access to is a Purina one.
    Well I guess our feed store could special order something.
    If it makes any difference my hay comes from I think north east California.
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    Since you live in the Pacific Northwest you have special considerations about copper. You should read all the info and links that still work on about copper. You will not want to be using a red mineral eventually and even with minerals with low iron, high copper you still may have to bolus, in fact I can pretty surely say you will have to bolus for copper. Selenium injections of bo-se come breeding season also. I would join a club in your area if you have one, so you can mentor off someone local or better find a vet who deals with a major herd so you don't have so much teaching of the vet to do.

    Make sure when you do find a herd they are already dealing with the copper defficency in your area, no sense you having to teach them :)

    Sandy is in Washington Rhuels Dairy Goats, she is relatively in your area and she for sure could point you in the right direction for a club or mentor. Vicki

  3. Jo~*

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    Thank you.
    I never knew that copper was an issue, oh so much to learn about goats!
    At 53 I absorb things so slow :sigh
    Thanks again
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    a good dairy cattle mineral would be an option
    read your lables
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    I have switched to Onyx minerals (which is actually for cattle) after we had a lot of problems with copper deficiency. I can already tell a big difference in Spice's coat (she's the black doe who was turning red). She's almost entirely black to her normal shiny black self :) If you can get it, I recommend it.
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    I switched to Mannapro goats minerals a few months back. The goats LOVE them and it seems to be giving them what they were lacking, everyone is looking really good. I do also bolus with copper, like Vicki said it is very important in our neck of the woods :D