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  1. If any Missouri residents who have read my previous posts are at all intersted in the ongoing legislation involving HB 1901, Sarah Burnett is one of the individuals who is doing the fighting for this bill on behalf of all MO goat owners and raw milk drinkers. Following is an e-mail I received from Margaret Neumann, Legislative Asst. to Rep. Belinda Harris.:

    This email is to make everyone aware of an individual, Sarah Burnett, who has been an extreme help in networking and keeping most of our Raw Milk Supporters up to date on everything.

    Many of you know her, but some may not, others may know her but have friends/consumers that have not been in contact with her. Sarah is looking to maintain a database with as many raw milk supporters as possible from around the state. If she does not have at least your email address already, please send her an email to:

    [email protected] and let her know you are wanting to be put on “the list” as a raw milk supporter and you want to receive information updates and action alerts on the raw milk legislation.

    Let’s try to get as many people as possible on the list and get HB 1901 passed!!!

    Margaret Neumann
    Legislative Assistant to
    Rep. Belinda Harris
    District 110