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Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by Little Moon, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. Little Moon

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    OK. I have "talked myself into it"(ha ha) I am going to make some soap. I looked at my molds and they are Milky Way tray molds. So here are my new questions . . .

    *How do I cut them into bars? Does a sharp kitchen knife work? Hacksaw?
    *I am assuming the whole time they age they say in the mold? So if you wanted to make a lot of soap you need a lot of molds??
    *When the recipe says "refined" oatmeal do I want to whirl it in the blender, or run it thru my grain mill?
    *If I can't find mineral oil to coat my molds with, what else can I use?

    Man I wish some of soapers lived closer so I could come and watch before I start doing. Anything that you think I need to know please volunteer.


  2. Theresa

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    Hi Anne

    I have not been making soap as long as some of the others but I will tell you how I do it. I use the walmart recipe, but have changed it a little. I make the soap, put it in the mold then into the oven for over night. My oven will not set low so I just turn it on while I make the soap and then turn it off when I put the soap in there. In the morning I take it out of the molds, and use a long kitchen knife to cut it. It is still soft so cuts fairly easily. Then I put it one selves to dry.

    And I have always used the fake cooking spray to spray my molds. Don't use one that is real oil or it will turn to soap it will be stuck in the mold.

    Hope this helps. Making soap is really fun. Once you get started I bet you are hooked!

  3. Kalne

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    I use a pastry cutter to cut my soaps. I do a few in milky way type molds but they are individual molds, nothing that needs cutting. With those I pop them in the freezer after a day or two and they *usually* pop out fairly easy. I leave them in the freezer a few hours. I use mineral oil *if* I remember to use anything. LOL

    Not sure about *refined* oatmeal but I do grind mine in my blender or coffee grinder.
  4. MRFBarbara

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    You remove your soap from the molds approximately 24 to 48 hrs later, after you pour..
    Use the full liquid amount the first couple of times you make soap, some fragrances and additives can cause your soap to seize and using full liquid helps stop this (not always)
    Stay away from florals the first time..
    You can put your oatmeal in the blender or grain mill whichever you prefer..
    And do not put your milkyway molds in the oven, they will not hold up to that heat.. You do not need to oven process your soap, especially the first couple of times until you understand the whole soap making process better..
    Mineral oil works best for greasing molds, and you can get it anywhere, walmarts, dollar stores, drug stores etc.. if you can't find it just ask
    Don't make an extremely large batch the first couple of times.. the walmart recipe makes seven pounds, you can cut this down by going to one of the free soap calculators and putting in the walmart recipe on a smaller scale..

    And always put your soap recipes thru a calculator first.. Get a small digital scale, walmart sells them for less than 20.00
    Use only stainless steel or plastic, use eyeprotection and gloves.. handle lye carefully,
    Good luck and have fun