Moon spots on Alpine's

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by milkmaidranch, May 23, 2013.

  1. milkmaidranch

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    We have a very interesting topic going on at the MDGA info group. As some are breeders of the Mini-Alpine's and they are from Nigerian Dwarf sires who can have moon spots, I am asking this: Can Alpine's have moon spots? So far we believe no Mini-Alpine's have them. I know the standard's don't but genetic wise from a Niger sire who has them, what are the chances of a kid with them?

    Can anyone give some input if you've ever had a Nigerian buck with moon spots by mistake, breed your Alpine doe and what was the outcome? If there were twins, either of them have them?
  2. Horsehair Braider

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    Sorry, can't tell you a thing about Alpines. But with Nubians, a sire with moon spots can produce an offspring that is spotted, even out of a dam with no spots in her background.

  3. Ashley

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    I would be possible for an American with a Nubian background.. But I don't think they are in the breed originally and they may not be acceptable for registry as an alpine if they had them.
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    Yes, they would be acceptable, as alpines can be any coloring except for all white/cream or toggenburg coloring and markings.

    I have never seen one, but an American alpine could potentially have a moonspot from a Nubian in the background.