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Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by homeacremom, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. homeacremom

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    Well, I know which mold I want to get, but I have to cash flow it. :yeahthat I am beating my head against the wall everytime I try to get soap out of my MM. Pam, freezer paper on the bottoms only, freezing the soap which makes it sweat, lining the whole mold with freezer paper - which is what I did for the swap. :crazy
    Is there anything else to try? And how many batches have y'all made in a MM before the mold stopped releasing?
  2. Sondra

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    I just spray with spam or oil it a bit.

  3. BlissBerry

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    Pam spray never worked for me. I spray with mineral oil. I also line the bottoms of the mold with parchment paper. Before I unmold I run a paring knife along the edges to separate the soap from the mold. Works so easy and I never have soap stick.

  4. New Member

    Parchment, and nice is that it fits the bottom exactly. I do spary my molds initially and other than scraping out any soap I also never wash them, so the parchment sticks in the bottom. Like Sara I then run a paring knife around the edges, make sure you have the knife on the edge and the force of your pull should be going towards the mold and not the soap. Then slam it over and push out the soap.

    I will be very happy the day I have enough of my new molds to never see one of these molds again! Vicki
  5. Theresa

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    I found that letting my DD spray the molds with off brand pam works best. I started letting her do this and the soap just slides right out! I guess she must use alot more then what I did. So, if you have a 7 year old child you might let them spray the mold, otherwise, use more spray then what you think you should.