Mites or Ringworm?

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Pony, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. Pony

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    I just bought 3 goats that have been housed together for 6-7 months. One of the does has tons of hair missing from her sides that are he size of dinner plates!

    At first I thought it was mites and dusted her immediately when we got them home. The other 2 goats have no hair missing anywhere. Then I thought it must be ringworm and felt the overwhelming chore of rubbing Lotrimin on her bald stomach and rump everyday.

    My research says that both conditions are raised and scaly and wrinkly. I don't notice any of that with her. Yes, I know ringworm is circular and there are no circles. It honestly looks like someone took a razor to her sides and tried to shave her...blindfolded.

    Do you think mites could do this?
  2. jdavenport

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    It sounds like she loves to rub on stuff. You may not be able to see mites if their are any and it takes a long time for the hair to grow back. I have 1 doeling the has 2 little bald spots on her sides where she goes thru the creep fence as fast as her little legs can push her. The other doelings don't have any bald spot, just little Miss Impatience.

  3. punchiepal

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    I have had a few does do this. Whenever, I noticed this going on I checked how close it was to being bolused. Usually, I gave them at least 1/2 a copper bolus, some selenium gel (no bo-se here), some Vit A/D gel, and if really bad a few days of crushed zinc tabs in peanut butter. Seems like stuff like this is brought on by "low in something." If this happened now I would probably use Replamin gel.
    3 days in a row then once a week.