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Mini Nubians tiny teats vs Nigerians

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Hello All! New here and getting back into goats after almost 20 years. I raised standard Nubians and Alpines in highschool and now I'd like to purchase a couple of milk goats for our (large) family. My question is on breed traits. I have been looking at Nigerians from a breeder who breeds for large teats, but they still seemed so small and I just don't know if I could handle that! A lot of the Nigerian breeders I see just use machines so I wonder how if a lot of people actually hand milk. Maybe it's an acquired skill? We have a smallish area so I want to stick with a smaller breed and I want that high butterfat. There are some mini nubians three hours from me, but before I drive all that way, are they easier to milk than Nigerians? I'd love to hear your opinions! Thank you!
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They aren't hard to milk, and after the third set of kids probably not difficult at all. I have a Simple Pulse milker which really has not problem with my mini-Nubians and I have a new appreciation for these minis because they go into heat every month.

That means when mixed with your nubians with proper breeding you could stay in milk year round. The milk is quite good a very reasonable amount of cream, and a easy goat to work with.
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