minerals and kids

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by baileybunch, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. baileybunch

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    I just had this thought...we don't have kids now but we have lambs. They have their own creep area. This will apply to kids as well for us.

    We keep our mineral feeders at wither height to keep out the berries, so babies cannot reach. When do you begin giving kids access to minerals?

    Right now I have lowered the mineral feeder to lamb height but they seem to engorge on the minerals and I'm afraid that might not be good for them. So I raise it back up after a few minutes!

  2. Chaty

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    Most of my babies are dam raised and they see and smell the minerals when they are with their dam. Mine dont do this even when I wean them. Most of the girls eat quite a bit when I first take them out and then when they get what they want they back off. So basically I have mine out 24/7 ...hope this helps some..

  3. goatkid

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    I keep my minerals available for all the goats. The babies stand up on their hind legs to reach the feeder when they want some.
  4. ozark_jewels

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    Put something beneath the mineral feeders so the kids can stand on it with their front feet to reach the mineral. My mineral feeders are attached to panels so the kids stand up on the panels to reach the minerals.
    The kids sometimes eat a lot and sometimes a little....just like the does. I don't worry about it.