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    Oh boy, I know you guys are getting tired of me asking questions about minerals. Well I've given up on trying to find a good goat mineral. Now here is my question this time. My Co-Op has Dari Max Dairy Mineral Balancer and I was using the 2:1. Well they gave me a guaranteed analysis of their 3 kinds of Dairy Max. There is a 1:1 , a 2:1 and a 3:1. Well to me the 1:1 has so much higher quanties of all the minerals and vitamins but as you know the Calcium & Phosphorous is only 1:1 and everyone says to have a 2:1. Am I making any sense. :crazy The guys at the Co-Op are trying to be as useful and helpful as they can. They even photo copied off the analysis for me so I wouldn't have to keep asking them what was in it.
    What should I do? Which one should I get. I've got such a head-ache. :help2

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    On the cal to phos I don't worry at all in minerals I just worry in feed and hay etc.

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    When you feed alfalfa, like dairy animals should get, minerals can then be 1 to 1 or 1 to 2..you also don't have to worry about magnesium as much either....cattle on alfalfa don't get grass tetany. Vicki
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    Hi Wendy,
    We've had really good luck with a product called "Healthy Minerals" from Country Side Natural Products in Va. It's about $23 dollars for a fifty pound bag. (You can google it as they have a website). The calcium to phosphorus ratio seems to be balanced correctly and it contains copper. magnesium, etc. We feed it free choice to our dairy goats and horses and so far we've had no mineral-related issues. It contains diatomaceaous earth, redmond salt, kelp and additional minerals..and no inticements such as grain or molasses products. We also offer the goats Thorvin Kelp from the same company free choice. There are probably better mineral sources out there, but this is working for us now. We do not, however, feed a "goat" ration, and if we did I would probably not offer the minerals free choice as I feel that they would possibly end up getting too many minerals and that is just as bad as not enough...although it's true that goats require more than other livestock. We have pasture with trees and brush, so I figure they get minerals that way too. Hope this offers a tiny speck of help.