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    I sort of understand all the discussion on the bagged minerals, but I am having trouble understanding what the actual levels mean.

    I got this info from the selenium map in 101 and wondered if someone could take a look at it and tell me what I am looking at and what info you would have gained if this was your county...

    Average concentrations of elements in Cherokee County, Kansas
    (Calculated from cells in the geochemical grid plotting in this area.)
    Element Symbol Mean Std. dev. Minimum Maximum
    Aluminum Al (wt%) 4.279 0.702 2.352 8.904
    Arsenic As (ppm) 9.477 2.001 4.231 12.812
    Calcium Ca (wt%) 0.363 0.066 0.169 0.539
    Copper Cu (ppm) 9.946 2.422 5.050 17.308
    Iron Fe (wt%) 2.698 0.497 1.523 5.229
    Mercury Hg (ppm) 0.051 0.020 0.021 0.152
    Magnesium Mg (wt%) 0.267 0.068 0.134 0.703
    Manganese Mn (ppm) 1282.850 650.083 406.401 3982.040
    Sodium Na (wt%) 0.334 0.063 0.207 0.511
    Phosphorus P (wt%) 0.048 0.006 0.025 0.075
    Lead Pb (ppm) 45.663 24.127 22.444 152.746
    Selenium Se (ppm) 0.668 0.143 0.253 1.020
    Titanium Ti (wt%) 0.262 0.032 0.192 0.400
    Zinc Zn (ppm) 269.241 162.129 51.833 772.344

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    Sorry but no nutritionist lives on this forum :) V

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    If that's from a soil sample, it still doesn't tell you what's in the vegetation in your county. Different plants will take up minerals at different rates.

    Just get a good mineral supplement and use BoSe as recommended in Goatkeeping 101.


    That is my totally rookie-based-on-one-year-of-experience advice. :rofl

    Of course, there's about 40 years of gardening and raising cattle experience. ;)
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    oh...i guess it's not that important then...

    I when everyone kept directing everyone to look at their maps for selenium in your area, i figured that that info must be important.. I didn't know that everyone else was in the same boat as me and not knowing what I was looking at... :biggrin

    This is where in 101 i got the link

    the link takes you to selenium readings, and all the other info copied and pasted above.

    Selenium Se (ppm) 0.668 0.143 0.253 1.020

    what do you guys use this info for?

    where can i find the minimums needed for goats?

    I understand using minerals and BOSE, but is there a place that I can figure out what the above chart means to the goats, if anything?