Milo has the runs... & another question...

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  1. Milo has the runs. Just noticed it now, so he hasn't had it very long. I always check his pen for poo.
    His poo is yellow and runny. Not cow poo clump but runny. He is 12 days old. And eating 15oz 4times a day (He's been at this amount for a few days now). Does this sound like Cocci? Just fed him his bottle and he ate all of it.

    My other question, if the above doesn't sound like cocci, I can get Corid from my local farm store, unless they quit carrying by now...(Which is possible because they seem to quit carrying everything I need.) What is the dose for Corid, when do you give it, ect ect for coccidia prevention?

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    I heard that the runs with Cocci are dark colored. I really don't know though.

  3. Thats what Ive heard also but want to make sure. :)

    Thanks for replying. :)
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    If he was here I would give him some probios in a tube, just a toothpaste amount size in his mouth. I would also put a pinch of baking soda in his next bottle, take his temp and watch him. Runny yellow poop is usually a change in temp of the milk or eating something new, not a problem. Did you have another doe freshen and he got some colostrum in his milk yesterday?

    If it progresses to more water than I would take some to the vet and check it...15 days old is too young to worm and cocci treat, especially with Corid. A vet could tell you what is in the poop, and a sulfa or treatment for ecoli or or or could be started. I don't make a huge tadoo about one runny poop, one time, that goes away on it's own. Now I would fecal and take a temp. Vicki
  5. Thanks Vicki! Can I use the probios that are for cows? Thats the only kind I have right now.

    Milo has been on cows milk from the store since I brought him home. I dont have any goats milking yet. I wish they were, it'd be a tad cheaper! LOL There probably was a change in temp of the milk. The last two times I was in a hurry while heating it up. I'll make sure to warm it up like I have been and see if that fixes the problem. He's very active, doesn't act sick. Loves that bottle. So he has a good appetite. Thanks again!!