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I've used a DIY-made milking stand for the last 5 years now and it's served me great but my new little doe broke it. I figured I'd check what's commercially available just for grins and it lead me to a question.

It seems like there is a difference between a milking stand and a trimming stand. Enough so that one vendor comes out with interchangeable head pieces (Don't know if the link will go through but this is one: Milking Stand for Goats and Sheep). I know that in our backyard herds, we often do things differently than "husbandry professionals" would. I used the milk stand when I wanted to trim my does' hooves and I tied my buck to a ring on the wall to do his.

What I'd like to know is if there is a reason for the difference that the vets and scientists and whoever would like us to use different stands or if it's 100% marketing fluff.

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