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    My DH want's to buy me a milker (yippie!!) and this is what he's looking at.. Pros? Con's?
    I really have no idea what I'm looking at, never having done this before, but I'm looking at a set up that will do two goats at a time..

    Good Grief! I forgot the pic.. :blush2
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    :rofl I just broke down...well, actually I got really ticked off trying to get my small pump to pull 13#'s of vaccum to milk the cow...and I ordered a portable vaccum pump from Parts Dept. :mad

    I called 'em up...told them I was sick & tired of playing around and I wanted a pump that if I wanted to, I could pull the paint off the wall! I wanted it portable, QUIET, and that I could hook two buckets to it and still have enough vaccum left, that if I wanted to add another one, I could!!! After the guy got through laughing... :lol he "hooked me up". And even worked it out to where I could get rid of all the clamps on my hoses. He's sending the RIGHT size milk lines and vaccum hoses to hook it up. Gotta' love 'em!

    I'm sending the old surge blue machine to DH's shop...want it out of here!! He is also removing the converted air compressor- bad idea!!... The small "Martin" pump is going in the show trailer, and I'll only have one QUIET pump anywhere near my barn. Maybe this year milking will be a breeze and I won't dread it so much.
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    I have a caprilite set up for milking 2 at a time. I love it. It's very easy to clean. Shannon
  4. My new 1.5 hp milker (from the parts dept) arrived friday. (gota phone call from a very lost trucker, who was trying to find my house. He was in a full sized semi, so we had to meet him with bolt cutter & a drill gun. Backed the pick-up to his back doors to unload it) It's a PRETTY thing. I've got it here in the house...just sort of *admiring* it LOL) My hands are holding up I will more then likely just go ahead and hand milk this year..but I wanted the milker here so I could BUILD the new milking parlor around it.. with wide enough spaces to be able to roll the unit here and there. I got it set up for 2 goats (for now, plan on going to 2 buckets, 4 goats at some point) All silicone. Did I mention it's a pretty thing ? LOL. I reach out and sort of stroke it as I walk by... NOW, once you get yours Kaye (and actually USE IT) you'll have to tell me how loud it is... he assured me that the 1.5 wasn't much if any louder when running then the 3/4 hp.... I'm hoping that right
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