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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Rose, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Rose

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    I'm in the learning phase of thinking about getting a milking machine due to arthritis.

    Hubby found a belly milker pot (probably not the right term) at a yard sale for $25. It has the lid, but no pulsator or other parts.

    Vicki showed me her milker when I visited there, and she prefers the taller bucket to the squatty pot for ease of handling.

    What I *think* I am learning during my research is that the big expense is in the vacuum pump. Am I worrying too much about spending extra money on a complete system when I have this one part?

    I don't know what to do.... build a milker from parts, using the pot I have? (when I don't know diddly about what to order)

    Go ahead and get a complete milker with the taller milk bucket?

    Would the lid that came with the squatty pot be usable on the taller bucket? :help
  2. Chaty

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    I got mine thru and by the time you buy all the new parts to get that pail going its cheaper really to get the whole shebang. I think mine was $700 or more and it came with a vacuum pump and all set up. I got mine for the cow so now I got to get different inflations for the goats. Cause you will need a new seal for the pail and then the pulsator and then hoses and teat cups and claws and get on up there. Save the belly pail and either use it or make a planter out of it and bite the bullet and then all you need for 1 price. Thats what I did ...Good luck...Kathy

  3. 2Sticks

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    I also purchased mine from He was very nice to work with. I paid approximately the same price and it was set up for two goats.

  4. Bella Star

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    I use Hoeggers milker for 1 goat setup, the only think you have to cleanup is the wide pail and teat inflators on the top of the pail and these things can go in the dishwasher but I handwash mine. I have had mine for 5+ years and never replaced anything but a 25cent top stopper that I lost. I have my machine strapped in a computer chair and just roll it around in the building. My machine is used everyday for my 2 does starting in February until 90 days bred.
  5. Rose

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    Aug 8. I'm bidding on the goat milker on ebay. Please don't bid against me. :D
  6. SherrieC

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    Oh boy I'm gonna go bid, I'm gonna go bid, I'm gonna go bid.

    Just Kidding Alice Good luck with the milker bidding.