Milk Strainers & Filters?

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Shykid Acres, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. Shykid Acres

    Shykid Acres Guest

    I know that there are strainers and filters specifically made for milk that are inexpensive and I might pick up one, but I wondered...

    Can I just use a funnel and a coffee filter (or two filters stacked)? Would that work? Or are the milk filters special somehow?

  2. mill-valley

    mill-valley New Member

    I would not use coffee filters, the milk filters are specifically made for milk and will filter better. They are easy to find and easy to use. You can fold up the filter into a cone shape and put it in a funnel....that works ok.

    Depends what you are using milk for as well...if it's going to kids than I just use a metal cooking strainer. For human consumption I wouldn't take any shortcuts.

  3. Patty13637

    Patty13637 New Member

    I got my strainer from hoeggers and I get the filters from TSC.

  4. Shykid Acres

    Shykid Acres Guest

    Thank you very much. The milk will be used for kids and for humans. I appreciate the info.
  5. Anita Martin

    Anita Martin Senior Member

    I used a metal strainer with a cut up cotton diaper until I got my strainer and filters from hoegger. I really like my filter, and for human use, I wouldn't use anything but a milk filter. Coffee filters will NEVER filter your milk...well, maybe in a year or two....they are way too slow. By the way, has your doe kidded yet?
  6. Ashley

    Ashley Active Member

    I use paper towels. Some brands don't work well, usually the cheap ones take too long.
  7. Rose

    Rose New Member

    It was worth it to me to go ahead and buy the good mini strainer and filters. Takes less time, easy to clean, and I know they are sanitary.
  8. Shykid Acres

    Shykid Acres Guest

    Susie-Thank you for the links.
    Anita- Yes! She kidded on 4-8-08 1 buckling 7.9lbs.
    Alice- Thank you. I will probably purchase them soon.

    Thank you everyone for the input. It is greatly appreciated. :)