Milk Flies When She Runs

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Liberty Alpines, May 26, 2008.

  1. Liberty Alpines

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    I have a doe that loses milk whenever she runs. She doesn't have the best udder attachment at the top, so her udder swings around more than my other does. Whenever she runs, her udder goes swinging like a pendulum from side to side and milk goes squirting out in streams, probably not really that much, but this tells me her teats might be more "open" making her more availiable for mastitis, maybe? I'm thinking this is just a trait of bad confirmation, does anyone else's doe have this issue? It's not really a big deal, she's just probably not a doe I want to keep around and build my herd on. Kristin
  2. BlissBerry

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    I think you answered your own question. :)

    Not a desirable trait.


  3. Sondra

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    Would agree I had a LaMancha with horrible horrible udder , milked 2 gals a day and she never once leaked at any time.
  4. CarlinsDarlin

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    I haven't had that exactly. Sugar freshened in January, and once when I went out to milk her in the morning (she was across the fence from her babies, kept separated at night) while she was waiting for me, she started squirting milk out one teat. :) I figure she was just pretty full or ready for those babies to come out and start breakfast. :) It only happened once, though.
  5. New Member

    The bouncing against her leg is the same as a kid bumping the milk down, hence the milk out the teat.

    Keep her milked. Vicki
  6. Cotton Eyed Does

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    Kristen why don't you show us a picture of the udder and attachments. A rear view and a side view. Milk squirting out as she is running is not a reason I would cull a doe. Now if she is leaking milk out while just standing or grazing or lying down then maybe there is a problem with her teat/orifice and should be culled. Could she have been over-uddered? How much milk does this doe give? Is she milked on a regular schedule twice a day?