Milk Amount for month 1-2

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  1. We've usually fed milk pretty much free choice to bottle babies.
    This year, our milk is actually worth something and it is too costly to raise them on free choice milk beyond that first month.
    Dad's plan is to seperate the older kids out and limit feed them instead.
    We were trying to figure out how much milk to allot for each kid in the lambar. Fed twice a day.
    For those that control intake how much are you offering from 4-8 weeks old?

  2. wheytogosaanens

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    60 ounces / day should be the minimum. Divide by 2...30 ounces/feeding.

    We usually do at least 64 ounces/day and the kids grow big and healthy and sassy. Always have alfalfa for them to eat as well.

  3. goatkid

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    My kids that age are fed 3 20 oz. bottles a day. My concern about rationing milk in the lambar is that some kids are little pigs and drink faster. I don't want my slower babies shorted, so I use pop bottles.