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    Can anyone help. I live in Corfu, Greece and have 2 female goats, no particular breed just native to the island. The girls are now 19 months old and will be in season soon. My Greek neighbor has told me one of my goats is to fat and she will not get pregnant. She also tells me she nearly starves her goats before mating time. So they are thin and they will then become pregnant when mated. This just don't sound right to me, but then I am only a novice. I feed my goats good hay in the morning, then put them out to graze for the day. Of an evening they have branches from my olive trees or some other green leaves. When the weather is wet and they stay in there shed they have a dry mix feed.
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    Alot of folks, old breeders also, well old fashion breeders do believe this rail thin notion. They also look at the huge stomachs of goats like yours and mine who eat mostly roughage as fat. When if you really ran your hands over the ribs of your goats, do they have fat over their ribs? I would find it really hard to believe that your goats, eating mostly browse are fat....they are likely deep bodied does from very well developed stomachs.

    Have you ever seen a ruminant (sheep, cow, goat) butchered? The amount of space the stomach with it's 4 massive chambers takes up is unbelievable. Also alot of old breeders can talk a good game all the while they are barn blind to really how awful their goats are looking. Vicki

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    Just wanted to say hi from Arkansas!

    Did you know (I guess you probably do) Olive Leaves are really good for you and used for an herb for viruses, bacteria, fungus, high blood pressure, giving energy, protecting the heart... you probably have some very healthy goats! :D I wish we could grow olives here, too cold in the winter.