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Dear Kaye, :help2

I've been reading your posts to Lynn with much interest because a doe of mine has mastitis too...also on just one side. I just got back from my vet with some Pirsue, hoping that will help her. You said that you gave your goat one tube twice a day for three days to cure her. The pirsue label says to give one tube once a day, and this is for cows. Is the two tubes a day for three days not an overdose? I just want to do the right thing...What do you think?

Also, you said that you gave 6cc of Bio-mycin twice a day for 5 days. Did you do this SQ or IM?

So after three days and 6 tubes of Pirsue, and 30cc of Bio-mycin over 5 days, did you do a CMT test and she tested clear, so you quit? Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, I just want to save my doe and my vet seems to hardly know anything about goats, much less dairy goats. Thanks!!

BTW, my doe weighs around 112 lbs., if that helps with the dosage.

Anyone else can answer this too, if they like.

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