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  1. It's probably useless but just checking to see if anyone has any martha molds to part with. I would like 3 more at least. Will pay full price:)

    I have 5 now and Iam soaping in 35 lb batches but I would like to do 8 at once.
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    Becky I am having custom molds made, they should be being made as we speak I was about 10th in line or so it seemed. They are 1/4 and 1/2 inch silicone molds, that you pour the whole batch, then insert the two deviders to make 3 logs. No more pouring into 3 slots!!!! They are longer than the MM but we couldn't make them 4 logs wide because they wouldn't fit in my oven. They come with a mylar liner for the bottom so no lining.....pull the center deviders and the outside mold and the soap pulls off the mylar. No spraying either. They can also put logos etc...onto that liner so each soap bottom can have a logo etc.. I am paying the setup fee but the mold price is really reasonable for a custom mold. After I get it and show photos etc (and like it)....I will open it up for anyone to order off my custom mold number, perhaps that would even lower the price. They came highly recommended after talking to alot of professional type soapers who also wanted to soap in tray molds so they could swirl and texture tops and not sides. Once gal has an original mold they made and is still using it in her line even with her new molds.

    All that to say No I don't have any MM molds yet for sale :) I am keeping mine!

    Waiting impatiently! Vicki

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    Yes, keep us posted, I'm interested in this too.