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    I've seen two different dosage/schedule reccomendations for lysigin...can someone clarify? doe (FF was given it last year at 14 days apart, 2cc each dose), others have not had it...all are FF's

    I saw both 2cc SQ and 5CC SQ...which one?
    Also saw 14 days apart and 21 days apart...does it matter which?
    Saanendoah recommended after the initial 2 doses, to give it once a month for three additional this necessary?

    Will it do any good to give my previously un vaccinated does this vaccine? I have a have enough for all IF it will do any good!


    We are looking at breeding in late September, if that affects the timing....
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    No vaccine to we give less of it because of a smaller goat or younger goat. 5cc is the dosage on Lysigin, give a booster 21 days apart and then once a year. Will you never have staph dermatitis again, or never have staph mastitis? No. But just like when you use pasturella vaccines, when other folks goats died on the forum from the Lufkin show and the sick Nubian's allowed to show, other folks had to pull out naxcel and other big guns to save their goats, my girls came home and went on a horse antihistamine and were bolstered with Bo-se etc. That is what vaccination does for you.

    Lysigin is for staph A, staph A is the precursor to malignant edema and gangrenous mastitis, without staph A you don't have either. So vaccinating with Lysigin just makes sense, even though I actually still vaccinate with it because of how it has stopped our staph dermatitis problems cold.