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    I have 2-18 mos. does I will be giving this to tonite....5 cc sub-q. do you have to place it where the cd&t is done? Is there a reaction? I know these guys have not had it vaccines at all. With this order I got byomicin, does that need to be refrigerated as do the vaccines? I do have a 3 year old, not sure if she has had this, do I go ahead and give it to her too? Thanks..
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    Biomycin does not need to be in the refrigerator. I give Lysigin IM but am not real experienced with it, I gave it in the neck. If the 3 yr old has never had it I would do her too. A reaction is possible with any vaccine, that's why you should have epinephrine on hand.

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    Under the skin, usually over the ribs is where you can pull up the most skin. 5cc is alot for an IM in a young doe like this, and I don't give neck shots to dairy goats. I have never had a site reaction to Lysigin. Vicki
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    Most cow/horse vets give their shots to the horses in the neck. Their necks are larger and more meaty than a goat's long skinny neck. I have never had a reaction to the vaccine either given sub q behind the shoulder/over the rib area.
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    My vet says to not give any shot over the topline as it won't be able to drain as well if it absesses, plus there is just too much bone there. Necks are not good due to hardly any meat. IM can be given above the rear hocks, in the meaty part of the back leg. I do sub-q directly behind a frong leg. I put their heads between my legs, head toward my back, pull up some skin behind the front leg, and inject. Never had a problem and I am really not very good at it..just barely limp along in that area. I'm much better at trimming feet!
    good luck