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  1. I need to order a big shipment of lye. Who do you all recommend? I'm thinking of going with AAA.
    Also sending in a big order to Columbus Foods. I'm trying to pick a few oils to expermint with besides my big order, what oil do you love in scrubs and lotions?
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    I can't believe you can't find something local so you don't have to pay shipping. Plumbers, machinery cleaners, pool supplies, a car wash that makes the liquid soaps for the car washes....there are tons of places that sell lye in 50 pound bags, from $25 to $35. I can't even imagine how much they are going to charge you with hasmat and shipping fees. vicki

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    Look in the phone book for a chemical supply company and call them and ask if they have sodium hyroxide. I get mine at a chemical supplier in Bellingham (an hour away) for $55 for 55 pounds.

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    I finally found a place locally too, thanks to a friend. I get mine 50lbs for $34.00 with tax...
    It so awesome.

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    Ditto checking the phone book. That's how I found my supplier. You may have to go to the next big city depending on where you live. That's what I did but since that's where dh works it wasn't out of the way.
  6. We have called evrywhere around our area and No go. Everyone is to afaird to sell to us. So we had to go Online. I order thru Nuscents, at the time was the best deal for our money. And since I've already got my hasmat thru them we decided to stay with them. I have a case of lye waiting to be used. I can't wait because I miss our soap and am using store crap again. This year we are keeping two bars out of every batch for personal use.