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    I have a 3 year old mini nubian doe who has a lump in one of her teats. She kidded about 2 months ago and we left her kids on and milked her occassionally. She had 2 lumps about a month ago. They each had scrapes on the skin with a blue area over the lump. Her udder wasn't hot and while they seemed sore for a couple of days, didn't seem to bother her too much. The lower lump went away and the other that is about 2/3 up her teat is about the size of a soy bean. I thought they might have been from the kids bitting her - they would bite us when we played with them. Never had fever in the udder or string or lumps in the milk. All of our herd has tested negative for CL & CAE. I have someone interested in buying her and just wondering if I should have her milk tested. What tests should I have run? Blood Agar?
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    Have you considered staph dermatitis? Sometimes my does get blister like lumps on their teats at the beginning of the milking season.