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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Ravens Haven, Feb 1, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    I had a doe that freshened on 1-26-08, I need to know how to send milk samples to this clinic for a mastitis test. She isn't showing any signs but one side of her udder tissue is slightly tougher than the other, so I want to be safe than sorry. Do you all think this is a good idea?

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    This is the address.

    When I sent samples:
    I milked the doe about 1/2 out, used the red top blood tubes (as they don't have preservatives in them) didn't touch the stopper or rim of tube to keep from contaminating the sample, labled the tubes with does name and left or right udder from the rear. Pulled the samples and took them into the house. Samples were refrigerated until cold. Packed into a styrofoam box (gotten from Dr.'s office for insulin) put ice packs on four sides and on top. Labled and sent Priority Mail. Course I live very close to the LA it arrived the next day. You need to plan ahead so the samples don't arrive on a Wed., I believe. The lab isn't open.

    To package the samples....I put all the tubes in individual bubble wrap, rubber banded them together and then placed them all in zip lock baggy with paper towels. Overkill ? probably...but I didn't want them leaking all over some postal worker. :sigh

    If you have any questions...just give them a call. They're great to talk to.