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  1. I am wanting to make a thicker lotion. How do I do this? Add bees wax? I want a thisk cream consistancy.


    Mary Lou
  2. kidsngarden

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    make Barb's body butter recipe in the recipes section. It's very thick.

    The best ways to thicken are messing with water amounts and adjusting stearic and e-wax. Also using more butters instead of oils.

    But Barb's recipe is FANTASTIC!

  3. MRFBarbara

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    Thank you Bethany, for the wonderful compliment
  4. I must be blind!! I have looked & looked for Barb's body butter recipe and I can't find it!! Can some one direct me??? PLEASE!!

    Mary Lou
  5. MRFBarbara

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    I will repost it later, it may have been on the recipe section that was lost a while back..
  6. Thanks Barb, I will be looking for it.

    Mary Lou