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    :help My new herd buckling officially has the runs & my vet will not be open until Monday. I have cut his bottles back to 12 ounces of 1/2 goat milk & 1/2 water. He's still not eating it all. Just while ago his poop turned a very runny greenish-yellow. I'm afraid it's cocci. I have given him ProBios and wormer but he's probably lost about 5 pounds.....tooo much for a 2 month old buckling. My friend reminded me of "MAGIC" thinking it will keep him going until I can get him to the vet.

    PLEASE HELP! I'll check back in a few minutes.
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    I have cut his bottles back to 12 ounces of 1/2 goat milk & 1/2 water.

    Never dilute your milk bottles with water. Ever, it makes the milk not form curd, the milk and the water runs right through him, as you have seen. Vicki

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    I don't know what Magic is, but when I have a kid with scours, I treat it with liquid sulfa. If you have Banamine, a dose of that should help his gut and I also like to give something called Diarsanyl which is sold in some feed stores. Kathie
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    So, how's he doing?? You say he's your "new" buckling, how long have your had him? mixing his milk with water, will give him an upset tummy. Is he on any type of cocci prevention? And being the odd one that I am, I like slippery elm bark for diarrhea. It smells like malt, they drink it readily in their bottles, it's very soothing to the gut and won't cause constipation. I don't know if you've ever read the ingredients in that "magic" stuff, don't think I'd give it to a goat.. especially one with diarrhea.
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    Green smelly runs is usually cocci, you need to treat this kid asap with a sulfa for cocci, it can get bad very fast and destroys the lining of their intestines, which makes for kids that don't thrive or grow..
    Preventative is the best measure, especially in warm weather..
    I use Sulmet, but there are other meds out there for it.. Decoxx, Sulmet, Albon, Corid...
    Farm stores carry most or one of these..

    Banamine, vet scrip will calm the gut, Pepto will coat it.. Runs will stop when you get the parasite under control, can do a fecal with the vets to make sure.
    They will dehydrate fast with this
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    GREAT NEWS ! ! ! HE'S OVER IT! I didn't have the $$$ for a vet so I gave him a few drops of human anti-diarrhea liquid. He's back on his feed now and no runs, no drips, no errors!....HMMM, think that was a paint commercial years ago.....LOL..... anywho, it's all much better now!