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    I have a shameless brag. Sorry but please put up with me, :lol My herdsire was very careful on how many doelings he let go with his bloodlines... I would to point out "VERY CAREFUL" of 21 buck kids we only got 3 doelings, one of which died during birth as my uncle (dairy farmer) thinks you should never step in until it is to late. I on the other hand go with Vicki and follow her. :) She has never gave the wrong advice for my herd. Now the herd isn't taken care by him, but my aunt who wants to follow what I do... But atlast she has to do what he says... But we aren't talking about that. :) I gave my first goat ever to my aunt back in 2006 when I started getting purebred Nubians instead of grades. She is a grade Alpine, short but very nice overall... I would like to see her mammary to be less deep and more attached, but she is just breeding pets... Which end up going to our fifty diseased sale barn because of some reasons... stated above.... ;) I retained her doeling from 2006 which freshened with a very improved udder with lots of attachments. She has some small faults overall steep rump, and teats... But I love her and so has every judge she has been shown under. (Only placing reserve once when I had my awesome Nubian beat her as a dry yearling for overall breed.) Lily has got milk to boot, I won't post her records for the price of milk she has sold over this past year, but she is my money maker :biggrin The biggest thing is she is a grade, so the plan is to retain a doeling and grade up.
    Sugar had twins last year after being bred to a Spainish buck which was a total waste of breeding. We had a doe bred to one of the bucks and the kids were worthless, by the time my 3 month old kids were 50 pounds they were just above them at 6 months of age! And they were dam raised by our milk momma boer! :sigh The doeling that was the result of this breeding is due within the next 6 weeks. (They let 3 bucks run with the herd and who knows what they are bred to. Most will be brother to mother, sister, etc... Reason stated above ;)) She apears to be making an udder, but it is very small and poorly attached...
    Now to my shameless brag... Other then the fact that a FREE goat has given 3 nice doelings & 2 wethers... All of which are in feezer camp. But last fall she came back to see my Nubian. Family is family so I let my buck breed her, I would never let my buck crossbreed with another breed... But like I said family supplies hay so I let it happen :p The birth was a buck & a doe nice little kids I knew they would be nice at 7 months. Again the steep rump was passed on to these kids, but every breeding that has resulted in a doeling was fault to fault. It is hard to find new bucks when you don't have an extra $400+ to buy one or there not be any Nubian breeders left in NB. So yesterday we went up for Christmas lunch, and towards the end of the day we had a pop over to see the herd. She wanted me to guess the due dates, well in 4 weeks or less every first timer will be kidding for sure. This when she wanted the older does to go first... But what can I say? when you let a buck run he isn't going to listen when to breed. The doeling which to my standards is to small to be bred, but isn't small small. no where close to 100 pounds... maybe 90 but that is pushing it. I have a feeling she will be small, which is very strange when you have a almost the same breeding to a doe in my herd with a bad rump and small frame. This buck throws fast growing kids. His doe in my herd is over 100 pounds now and being a happy dry doeling for the 2009 year. (Reason stated above about the buck problem. :sniffle) But even as a small doe she has an awesome udder coming! :biggrin teats on the outside of the udder, but we will see freshened out if it makes it look better. It might not do anything but make it look worse. But man or man is it looking good for my buck. I look forward to getting a doeling from my herd queen. This will be the third time kidding out and the past 2 she has given me twin bucks every time. Even with different herdsires. Now it is just waiting to see what these udders look like. :)