looking to buy an Alpine goat but woman won't send current pics.

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Kelly, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Wouldn't everyone want to see a current picture of any goat they were traveling quite a distance to buy. This woman is ready to call the deal off because I would like to see a picture of her Registered Alpine milkers. I want to see in the pic. that their ears are erect, their eyes are bright, their hair is shiny, their pasterns are not foundered, tummies don't look bloated, joints don't look compromised, udders look supple, etc.
    Once I get there I can check for lumps in the throat, condition of hooves, etc, but am I going against protocol or something? She seems very offended that I insist on seeing pictures.

    She said that selling them to me has become too much work and because it is 6.1 degrees she doesn't want to "drag the poor things out" just to take a picture. I'm thinking this is a big red flag but am I just being too pushy. I don't think it's that hard to take a pictures and wouldn't good, healthy goats be ok with a few moments in these cold temps, especially Alpines? I know my Saanens are. We walk in these temps and they walk through the snow to nibble on Pine tree branches and couldn't be happier to actually BE OUT! Ummm... am I missing somethin?
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    I know what you are talking about! Usually, if they won't send you a picture then their goats are not healthy, or they don't want you to see it for some reason. I don't know why!!

  3. K-Ro

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    I'd say that's a big RED FLAG, and I don't care how cold it is. You are not being pushy at all.
  4. Necie@Lunamojo

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    'drag the poor things out' ?? Maybe that's the problem. ;) It was -7 here this morning. Wouldn't have bothered my goats. I have 3 in outdoor pens with nothing more than 3 sided oversized dog boxes.
    Maybe she doesn't want to 'drag her poor self out'. :/ In which case, if she doesn't want to go out to take a shot or two with the camera, then I'd wonder what other 'chores' she doesn't want to go out to do.
    No, you aren't asking too much. I don't know anybody that doesn't at least want to see a pic of an animal before they buy it. If a kid or yearling, a pic of the dam too. :)
  5. Kelly

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    Ok, yeah, my hunch exactly. I think my jaw hit the desk when I read 'drag the poor things out.' I wondered what she does do with them then? I hope the "poor things" are ok but I think it is her not wanting to go out there and that she is making it seem like they are the ones who can't handle the cold when I know, in fact, that that is not the truth, UNLESS, they are not well!

    I guess it takes a certain kind of person to take care of animals and perhaps she's not of that kind. I don't care how cold it is out there. My animals are fed, watered, petted and brushed, milked and checked in on multiple times a day and more if it is colder. Gees! Guess I'm paranoid but, I do go out more if it is colder. Just seems that they require more food and some good ole' fun & exercise really warms 'em up! So, I say bundle up lady cuz the goats are hardier than you give 'em credit for.

    I just came in from outside and I brought the goats walking. They weren't walking, though. They were so thrilled to be out that they were galloping up and down our logging trail faster than I could keep up with them. The udders where just'a swaying back and forth and bouncing around and that's the cutest thing to me. Nonetheless, they are fine. Thanks for the reassurance. Guess maybe these goats were not meant to be for me. O'well. javascript:void(0);

    I'll stick to my guns on this and save a potential wasted trip.
  6. Well I wouldn't want to be outside taking pics either in this weather....but if I had a goat that I wanted to sell, and I wanted to sell it bad enough I WOULD be out there in the cold getting photos for a potential buyer.
    If it was me, I would kindly email her and pass on the goats b/c current pics are a must before driving that distance. Once she realizes she lost the sale, it may get her in gear....OR her goats are unhealthy and that's why she doesn't want to get the photos. No one really knows what the reason is, but personally, if someone isn't willing to get an updated photo then they aren't worth my time to go see them.
  7. Theresa

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    I agree with the others. It only takes a few minutes to take a picture and I would want to see pictures unless it is someone who I know and have seen their herd.

    I would pass and look for another goat. Unless you know someone in that area who could go and look at them first hand before you make the drive.
  8. NubianSoaps.com

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    As the worlds worst picture taker I do understand her point, especially if she has been around a long time and she doesn't normally have to work very hard to sell her goats :) But we do need to go the extra mile for the new person.

    More than just a photo if you have hung around here very long, make sure you talk to her about CAE, CL and if you are buying registered stock, that she is the owner and they are ADGA registered. And always ask privately on here if someone in her area knows her.
  9. Ziggy

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    Well I must admit my website is lacking in the pictures department but I would definitely snap a picture of any doe and send it for a potential buyer.
  10. Bernice

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    No, you aren't missing a thing! After you're around for a few yrs you'll meet and experience, "All kinds" of situations and people. While I can understand her hesistation with the cold weather it seems she would try to go that extra mile and accommodate you, even if it means waiting a few days to warm up. Over the years I have bought Alpines from one coast to the other and have never experienced that response for a picture. Usually the breeders offer pics without my asking. And..................even if they didn't offer you bet your bums I would ask even though I know, or know of the majority of the Alpine breeders and have seen their stock! And most breeders generally don't respond like that no matter what the breed.
  11. Oat Bucket Farm

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    If someone wanted a current pic of a goat I was selling I would go out and snap a few pics of it. Barring of course a blizzard was howling outside, then I might ask the buyer to kindly wait a day until the blizzard passed.
  12. Kelly

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    Thanks, everyone! I'm finding it more and more concerning that she can't provide pics for me. She's the one who responded upset because I postponed picking them up until warmer weather and stated that that would give her time to get some up to date pictures to me. I felt bad because I felt like I had lost the deal and upset her but now I'm just feeling like there must be something amiss.

    I'm passing on these girls. Thanks for the support and the vote of confidence. I would send any potential buyer any and all pictures she/he requested regardless of the temps. After all, I have to be out there to take care of them anyway, snapping a few pics. isn't going to freeze me to the bone. If she wasn't computer savvy and couldn't figure out the picture thing, why wouldn't she just say that?
  13. JamieH

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    She seems to be acting a little nutty. At the very least, she seems to be an unmotivated seller and a little rude. I wouldn't drive any distance without a current photo, unless it is someone I really trust.
  14. Ashley

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    Had this exact thing just the other day. They wanted a recent picture and I went and got one. No biggie. Especially since this doe is like always in "pose". lol

    Could be like Vicki says, not used to working too hard to sell. Or could be the goat looks like crud now.
  15. abtowell

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    I sure wouldn't . I learned a tough lesson last year about not asking for pics when you are going to look at goats especially if they are at some distance away. I know not everyone has ill intentions but, I would think it was fishy. I hate putting fuzzy photos up on my site, but if someone wanted to check on a purchase, I'd take it fuzz or not, snow or not.
  16. Cotton Eyed Does

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    If I am wanting to sell a goat I would gladly take pictures of it for anyone who wants to see them. It isn't usually 6 degrees here, but I'm sure there is a time that 2 or 3 pictures could be taken.

    I have heard people saying, "They just wanted me to jump through hoops". Well.. I look at it like his. If it was them wanting to buy a goat, especially one that would require a long trip to purchase, I am sure they would want to see pictures and know as much about the goat as possible. As sellers we need to jump through a hoop or 2 sometimes. Now if I had someone that was constantly hounding me about this or that or wanting this picture and another one or try one from this angle and maybe a couple more from that angle and one from the dam or picture of the siblings and one of the buck and etc. etc. etc. week after week that would get old and I would tell them they need to look elsewhere. But just to snap a couple of pictures should be expected.

    I don't buy anything from anybody without seeing a picture of it, (if it is a grown goat or a picture of the Dam's udder and conformation at least if it is a doeling) and if they aren't willing to take a picture for me then they can keep it.
  17. kuwaha

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    Yes, getting out in the cold to take a picture is a pain - but my concern is then, if you're not willing to do that would you be willing to draw blood and get CAE/Cl testing done?? That's a whole lot more important and difficult imo.
  18. dragonlair

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    I always make sure I have decent pictures of the goats and their "family" before I advertise them for sale. I'd wonder about the buyer who didn't want to see what they were purchasing and ask questions about the health and such.
  19. Kelly

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    The deal is off. Actually the lady said I was insulting her and told ME to forget it. Gees, I really didn't mean to be insulting by asking her to take a picture or two. Either way, she had no intentions of getting herself out there to provide me with pictures or waiting for the weather to warm up for me to arrange pick up. Something certainly isn't right. I'm still looking!
  20. She told you to forget it? wow...guess she didn't want to sell that doe that bad after all.

    Did you reply to her after she told you to forget it?