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    I'm kinda thinking that it may be gone to happen here that I will be changing "grain based" feeds before much longer (not by choice), as it appears this economy thing is effecting feed sales and distribution around here. Soooo, I'll be looking at feed tags again, trying to feed my goats a good nutrition feed at a descent price. (that's almost a bad joke ain't it).

    My question will fall along these lines I guess.....Has anyone got any research info at all, in what would give the recommended daily allowances of protein, calories, vitamins, minerals.....etc., ...as per pound/size of a goat.

    I'm kinda talking about like you might read on the side of a box of breakfast cereal where it gives 25% of bla bla bla , daily allowances of this and that.
    I realize that between working goats, open doe's, preggy doe's, winter/summer....that all this can vary a bit, but am sure that I could work with the numbers if I could find any solid research to start with.

    Thanks so much for any "solid" research that you may know of.