Look Mom, That One's Got Ears and Everything!!!

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    Well it's been hard for my son since I sold the Nigerians - every time he sees a goat that's not a munchie he says "Look Mom, that's one's got ears and everything, yeah I like that one!!!"

    Soo... I broke down and Sept 5th when I went to get my new buckling I let him get an eared goat - she shares the same birthday as my son which made it cool...she's a year old and I was quite impressed with her udder - But quite the talker - sounds like a dying cow. LOL

    So I personally was super excited about my new buckling - I need to get a new picture - he's such a pistol - thinks he's ready to breed every thing that walks - tries to compete with Volt which is funny enough since Volt is my 3 y/o buck who towers over him. He got out with the girls and got pushed around pretty good - but every time he got knocked back or down he came up blubbering and flapping. By the time I got up there he was all dirty and surrounded by girls --- I had to drag him away talking and drooling...such a pistol.. Here's his pedigree:

    S: *B Glen Mythos Vidfraegr
    SS: CH *B Glen Mythos Helm's Deep
    (SGCH +*B Glen Mythos Stormbringer x Glen Mythos Medusa 2*M)
    SD: SGCH Glen Mythos Valhalla 14*M
    SGCH +*B Glen Mythos Stormbringer x SGCH Hailey's Star Persephone 13*M)
    D: Shady Lawn My Spice
    DS: *B One Oak Hill Tweed Mysaka
    (GCH ++*B One Oak Hill MAC Tumbleweed x One Oak Hill Harlequin Marin1*M )
    DD: Shady Lawn T. Sweet Cherry 1*M
    (++B One Oak Hill Tumbleweed Talon x J-Haven’s AP Hot ‘N’ Spicey)
    and an older picture -

    And for the eared one - here's her pedigree - I'm not real familiar with any of these lines - if it's not Munchie or Nigerian, it's foreign, LMAO.

    Tickled by her udder and her FF capacity, getting a gallon plus off her until I dried her off. Nice attachments, MSL, capacity, teat placement and teat size - ease of milking...nicely blended smooth fore udder - impressed with her udder all the way around - but she needs body width - hoping a good year to grow will improve that...and her overall appearance - I've got a picture of her, but she's not full in the picture - if I had the sense the good Lord gave me, I would've gotten pictures of her udder before I dried her off. Only seeing her needing time to grow now - and well, she sounds like a dying cow but good personality on this "little" girl. (lol little - she TOWERS over all my other girls).

    S: Caprea Farmstead Jack Sparrow
    (SGCH ++*B Kismet Ryde The 8 Spot x SHEPHERD'S-CROOK MAGPIE MCCAY)
    SD: Caprea Farmstead De Evasive
    D: Hoosier Kids Daffodil Frills


    Anyhow now onto the question - anyone ever sold a daughter from a doe and the doe act off and pout? I've got a doe I sold her daughter, she used to be super friendly and in your face and has been upset since - I touch her and she walks off --- she's slowly coming around - never stopped eating, but any suggestions for keeping the peace with the HQ? LOL - I hate to see her upset, she's more or less my buddy.....and she's just unhappy as I figured she would be.

    Everyone have their breeding schedules lined up? I've just about got mine lined out.
    Hope everyone is doing well - ;D
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    AH what a pretty doe and a very nice looking buck!! Yep if you sell their buddy they can get real moody. Nice to have you post!! I sorta have my breeding schedule lined out now but have sure been slow abt it.

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    It's nice to have you join the forum. Goats sure do have feelings, but she will find another buddy to be (boss) around. That breeding schedule never works the way I have planned. It always seems the Lord has a different plan!! Oh well, I still make plans every year.

  4. Yes, I have had that happen. She even dropped her milk production a while.
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    Beautiful goats! And I've also had a doe get sad and mopey when I sold her babies.Even tho she still had one kid with her from the year before.
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    Thanks guys. I'm sorry to have made this my first post - I really could have sworn when I first joined I made a post introducing myself so I wasn't just lingering --- I guess I never submitted it...sorry and thanks.

    I've been watching this forum for some time and found it to contain tons of information, some great insight and real nice folks -

    My little intro - I'm from Western KY - I have LaManchas and the token Nubian. :) I have a 3 y/o, horses, Angus cows, a cat, a hubby and two dogs. I'm employed at Wal*Mart -

    I don't show as of the moment - spent a good part of this year getting my herd where I want it for the time being - I hope to do linear appraisals and milk test next year -

    I'd love to show, but am not sure that I'm brave enough. I've shown dogs and horses for years and I don't know that I could go through it all over again with goats. I've shown all types of horses for right at 20 years and have shown dogs in the past for a few years...takes a lot out of ya *lol* - now with the 3 y/o - he's thinking he wants to show, but he's still a typical baby running around playing with trucks - not quite as devoted. I had a cousin wanting to learn - and she was so gung-ho before she realized she actually has to do some work, not just show up in the ring and flirt with the boys (ROFL) and prance around the ring....Not YET a family affair--- maybe one day you'll see me in the ring though *grins* -

    Hopefully though I will be in a position to get on a one day test and get my appraisals done --- hoping to find an AI seminar close enough to attend as well - hubby's used AI on the cows and we've used AI on the horses...everything still is so different with the goats. I had Nubians years and years ago - but even that's changed in a world of it's own....

    Anyhow - thanks for the welcome - I look forward to reading more posts and hopefully posting more in the future! :)
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    That yearling sure is a tall girl! Pretty. Nice LM buck, too. :)
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    We sold 4 of our 7 doe/doelings. :sniffle Now whenever we take one of the remaining three out without the others, everyone panics! :? We are looking forward to kidding season so we can have more goaties! Watch them all have bucklings! :nooo
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    Welcome to the forum! That sure is one tall and elegant looking Nubian!

    Our Great Pyrenees doesn't like it when we sell kids out of his pen.... and when they go out of the pen, say for wash and trim before show, then he has to carefully inspect them when they come back. He was NOT happy when they went to the Fair for 4 days, but so giddy when they came back!