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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by whimmididdle, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. whimmididdle

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    Is it possible for a 2,3, or even 7 day old kid to catch listeriosis ?

    Lady over here had some kids born (trips) a couple weeks info that I understand, is that one kid died quick, and the other 2 were staggering, and circling, tongues hanging out .......she took them to the vet, and he says listeriosis, and put them on antibiotics, and both got better. first info that came to me, I said it was most likely a polio, or even a floppy kid type thing.....but not likely a listeriosis thing at that age.
    .....but with that said, it appears the kids popped out of it, and are doing OK.
    Since I wasn't there, I'm not sure of any other meds that were given to them.
    .....anybody want to take a crack at explaining this one ?

    Thanks, Whim
  2. Kaye White

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    My guess would also be polio. Listo generally takes more than a couple of treatments for a good outcome. 1 shot of B vitamins will tell you if it's polio. They improve immediately...but need more treatments to get them balanced out. Most vets will give antibiotics to ward off secondary infection.
    Without knowing what he/she gave...????

  3. whimmididdle

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    Sorry...I don't know all the meds either, but really felt like that it would be very very very unlikely that they would have lister. at that age.
    I thought that I would hear from the ring here before I sent the word back to her. Think I'm gonna suggest that she get her some Fort. B complex to have on hand, or at least suggest she look us up in 101 , and find out how to best treat some of these things.

    Thanks , Whim
  4. Sondra

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    right I don't think it listerosis either at 7days old no way. unless they are eating dirt or moldy hay which I doubt.

    I also would run a liver biopsy on one of these kids and find out abt their copper levels because tests have shown that if dam is defiecent nothing is passed to the kids and they can have similar symptoms with the circulating etc etc etc.