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    I am cut and pasting this from another thread. I should have started a new topic but tacked it on to an old message.

    LGD (Jonah) now comes in fence with no problem. Mostly lays down and seems to pray that some milk will fall to the ground so he can lick it up. He will be 2 in October. 130 lbs and still so playful. He seems to be ok with the goats 14 and 15 weeks old.

    My concern is that he is licking them. Is he tasting them....?? Is he grooming them? He also sniffs their butt. Is this normal? He still seems "shy" and unsure of them. I bring him in to their pen 2x a day while they have their bottle. What is the next step I should take in getting him to realize these are HIS goats? and feel safe with him being alone with them?
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    I'm still learning this LGD thing too. My goats HATE the dogs. The dogs LOVE the goats. Not a good mix.

    Yes, normal seems to be licking (grooming) and sniffing butts (like they do with each other and their humans). That is pack behavior, which is what you want the goats to be to the dog. My 2 Great Pyrs seem to sniff butts more than any other dog I have ever had, mine, the goats or the other dogs. They even try to sniff chicken butts and horse butts.

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    chicken butts eww. I am still working on adjusting to that chicken poop smell - smells like burning rubber to me when they drop fresh ones. If I had a dogs super sense of smell I'd think a chickens butt would be the last thing on earth I would want to sniff.
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    I'm pretty new with the LGD thing too, and I have the same situation as Ray - dog LOVES goats, goats HATE dog. Pretty hilarious watching my a little yearling Nigerian whirl around and charge the LGD - and funnier still when my Great Pyr lgd tucks her tail and scoots out of the way!

    What I've read is yes, the licking is normal and should even be encouraged. As far as leaving the dog alone with the goats - hard call. My LGD is 10 months old, and I feel comfortable leaving her in with the adult goats. She still will sometimes chase after the goats if they run, though she will stop if they stop. The older goats have figured that out, and also that they can boss her around so I don't worry about them. They youngsters though get scared and keep running, and the dog is still enough of a puppy for me not quite to trust a 100% unsupervised.