Let's talk mini's a minute please

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by LynninTX, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. LynninTX

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    Now my MM hold their own quite well in the same yard with the full size LM....


    I think since they are much easier keepers they might be getting TOO MUCH alfalfa.

    We grain on the milk stand... but alfalfa is free choice.

    I am doing the *bred or fat* think right now with a MM. I think she should have kidded this last week... but no sign of anything.

    So do y'all with both full size & mini keep them together or apart?

    My LM does gobble the alfalfa and none are fat... not even Cinnamon side car... she is just big... some are downright skinny... putting it in the pail... so I am feeding 4-5lbs of alfalfa per day per doe... sometimes a bit more.

    But I think this might be too much for my MM.

    MM kids this yr were mostly 4-6lbs with 1 2lber... that seems a bit big to me.

    So I am toying with separating my MM into a different yard. This would have some logistical issues... but I am thinking they'd do better with 2-3lbs of alfalfa a day each...

    Am I off on this? As a mom to BIG babies... my dh is hassling me that I sound like a *doctor* "you need to cut back & go on a diet or your baby will be too big!" :lol

    I do realive MM tend to be *stockier*... the ND influence... but... these MM tend to stick their heads in the feeder more than my LM. :lol
  2. Sondra

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    Well mine are all together and because I have so many goats nobody is getting over 3lb of alfalfa pellets per day and maybe even 2lb but they are all together. my LaMancha Arial will eat anyone out of house and home and when in milk looks like death warmed over. But I also never have over a 4 lb MM born here. one time one was 5lb. I think putting them in a separate pen would be ideal and feed like Vicki is going to with them this year
    oats and alfalfa on the stand and pasture /grass hay and alfalfa in there pens. Then limit the alfalfa . I just can't do it here as have no where else to put them. I don't think the mini's need more than 2 1/2 to 3lb ea depending of course on their milk production. a couple of mine are barrels rather than very very dairy and don't need as much as others.

  3. NubianSoaps.com

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    Well since I have had them now for several days...I am an expert :) LOL!!!!

    I am hoping to just keep them in the pen together, the 4 of them, I am hoping with Sierra who is a FF And Petrie who should be a FF but is a dry yearling will take up together and fend off Amy and Inca who are much older. We shall see. Sienna was out in the very back eating all day, I actually walked out to see what she was eating and she is cleaning up all the Kale that none of my goats didn't eat out of the deer mix. She had Petrie following her.

    It makes no sense to me to feed them like my girls who outweigh them by 100 pounds. Although they will milk as well as my FF and second fresheners :) Amy and Inca haven't ventured out yet they are eating alfalfa pellets and grass hay, I let them have some grain when Sienna is on the milkstand. Vicki
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    I only have one mini - a mini Nubian, so I run her with the full size girls. She used to live with the babies, but got too bossy. Kathie
  5. eliya

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    I have mostly MiniNubians, but have had a few of the full size does also. I kept them all together. They have free choice hay - alfalfa/grass/clover mix. My pen with 13 does (all mini's) in it only eats about 1 bale (40 lbs) a day when they have access to some pasture (not as much as I'd like but...). In the winter when there isn't any forage, they would get about 2 bales a day. And of course they waste a lot of it as I haven't been able to make a 'smart' manger. *sigh* If I only had more time... Oh, and they only get get grain while they are being milked.
  6. Feral Nature

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    My MiniManchas live with the big LaManchas, eat browse (let out of pen) about 2 hours a day, only get fed on the milkstand...alfalfa, oats, beetpulp and a squirt of corn oil. Babies were 2.75 lbs (two) to 5 lbs.(one) No assistance needed during birth for either doe.

    I am only milking the larger doe, Speckles, with a single kid. The smaller doe, Chelsey has twins who are get all her milk now.