Lethargic doeling- Help?

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  1. We have a doeling who is quite lethargic and droopy. She was born 1/26/08. First born in a set of twin doelings. She is linebred (father bred daughter) and her twin was out of our Boer/Saanen buck. The mother was a FF 2 year old NuPine. She was considerably smaller than her twin sister but has grown quite well on her dam since. She was in the 5-6 pound range at birth.
    I moved a number of does and kids around on Monday. She, her dam and 7 other dams with kids went from the milking barn out to the Corn Crib Shed. The Corn Crib Shed is quite a bit more open but still provides plenty of shelter. There is a smaller shed in the back for them to sleep in. She was perky and just fine then.
    Today I fed the does and kids out there and went in because I thought I was a doe short on my count. I wasn't, but saw a black kid drooped in the shed. WEnt to pick her up and she was droopy. Not completely limp at all, but holding her head down and had some drool.
    She and her dam are now locked in a pen in the milking barn again. The baby would not nurse. She stood for awhile after I stood ehr up but just laid down after a bit. When standing she is not holding her head up at all. Her dam has a bit of milk. The doeling is not gaunted at all. She does not seem all that dehydrated though dad noted her eyes looked a little sunk to him. I did not manage to get a temperature and will do that when I go back down.
    Another doe in that pen has pnuemonia, which is strange because it is quite open. That doe has a weak immune system, however. She is being treated with Pen G because that is all I have.

    Am I most likely looking at pnuemonia? She was shaking so could just be slightly chilled. The weather here has been quite cold. We keep getting hit with clippers. The weather has been up and down for some time. We were down to 5 yesterday and will be up to 50 in the next couple of days.

    I have Pen G, Tylan 50, LA200, can't find my expired Excenel and that's about it at this point. I can try to get Nuflor if that is what it looks like. Last time I tried I was not successful and at this point they will likely insist the vet come out and look or I take her in.

    She is naturally polled, so not burned. She got her BoSe when born. Dam had her CD/T, I believe. She was not born ina clean pen since that was when I was sick. There is no swelling in her joints, however. I thought navel ill maybe.

    THanks for any thoughts. I'll take her in tomorrow if I need to.
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    Navel ill usually shows up sooner...does she have any swollen joints? Does her navel look normal? I have never personally seen Floppy Kid Syndrome, but is that a possibility? If she has any respiratory symptoms and a fever, could be pneumonia.

  3. I did not find any swollen joints.

    Dad is here and he heard her wimpering and went back and she is throwing her head back over her back.
    I need to hit her with something.
    At this point, I am going to offer her a bottle of warm milk from her dam, give her some BoSe, and try and figure out a dose for Thiamine.

    Any other ideas?
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    CD ANTITOXIN and I would use at the very least 9cc per side and 9cc orally every 2 hrs or so this is for entro
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    If you have not vaccinated any other kids that are 3 weeks of age or older you might go ahead and give them their cd/t. Make sure it is a fresh new bottle. Do you have any tetanus anti-toxin? If you do I would go ahead and give her a dose now and another one in 12 hours, a shot of thiamine if you have it, some more Bo-Se and tube feed her if she isn't sucking and get her in a warm, quite, dark place, just in case it could be tetanus. And continue your penicillin injections for 5 days.
    I know you said that she had not been disbudded, but was her naval cord dipped in iodine at birth? Have you seen any cuts or wounds on her?
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    CD/T is not going to help anything at this point. Now yes Tetnus ANTITOXIN if tetnus is a suspect but to me it doesn't sound like tetnus. but regarless I would give the CD ANTITOXIN as it won't hurt anything and may help. go ahead with the B1 thiamin and also the pen g in case it is listerosis. and of course BoSe
    I too would have her in the house and get warmed up and milk into her.
  7. I will bring her up to the house.
    I have CD Antitoxin but it may have been opened less than a month ago for another kid. I don't remember if I ever followed through or not.
    No Tetnus Antitoxin on hand.
    She did not get dipped. Our dam raised kids don't generally get dipped. She was moved to a clean pen shortly after she was born. I arrived before the second doeling was delivered (it has been raised on CAE Prevention while the first born was left on her dam).
    I have not started her on Pen G yet. I started my 3 year old doe on that this afternoon.