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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Janelle, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Janelle

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    I have a doe (3 yr old, 2nd freshener) that has not milked to her full potential. She just doesn't seem to get
    much capacity. I was out working on fencing the other day & noticed her leaking (yes, it was streaming) milk on the ground from one teat. This would explain why one side seems to be less full than the other. She doesn't look uneven, but when you feel her, you can tell there is more milk on 1 side.
    Sooooo.........what can I do. I know a leaking teat is a mastitis risk. Is there anything I can do to prevent it?
    Or will I just have to cull her (wouldn't ya know it is one of my favorites).
    I do want to keep a doe kid out of her, so should I dry her up now & then breed her & keep a kid (I am thinking drying her up now might decrease our risk of mastitis.
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    I wouldn't dry her up. I have two does that leak, one a 4 yr old that has always done it and one a yearling. The older doe leaks from both teats, the yearling from one side mostly. I have in the past taped the teats to get her even for a show (the old doe). The yearling I do nothing, try not to go over 12 hours between milkings, be vigilant with the teat dip. I don't know if taping the teat to stretch her udder a bit would help or not.

    As far as mastitis risk...definately. The 4 yr old has had it twice and now has a screwed up udder. BUT, she throws beautiful kids (no leakers yet) so she stays around for another year or two despite being lopsided.

  3. Kaye White

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    Beth just answered your question.
    This doe should be on the cull list. She will only deal you misery in treating mastitis and a doe that leaks is putting your profit on the ground, not in the bucket.

    Unless you tape, glue, seal that teat somehow...you're going to have an awful hard time drying her up. She'll strut to stop the milk production then leak it out.

    Me?? I wouldn't even keep her around long enough to get a kid out of her, I'd cull her now, in milk.