Late Term Abortion -- Likely Stress -- Next Steps?

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Tricia, Mar 24, 2008.

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    I have a doe, Meg, who's due date is mid-April. She began aborting Saturday PM.

    A couple weeks ago, we had a red Akita cross our electrified fencing and chase the goats into their barn, biting at flanks. Perfectly silent, no barking. Luckily I was milking and got the dog out before physical damage was done. The goats have been nervous about any dog in the neighborhood they haven't seen. Saturday, a reddish shepherd came down the road, and all the goats quaked -- just bundles of nerves, never seen anything like this.

    Meg went through a long first stage labor (basically all day Sunday) and this morning before dawn passed a 1# buckling, alive but not viable and normal in appearance. No placenta. Not dilated enough to do a check. Normally has twins or triplets, still looks like she's carrying.

    Should she be induced to clear out her uterus. If dilated, use oxytocin first before going to Lutalyse?

    Any chance she could carry other fetuses to term?

    Wait more? Hormonally intervene?
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    wow, I can't imagine that if she is still preggars she'd carry the others to term, especially since they are all fussed up. But if you want to try. I'd take her temp morning and night and watch it for a spiked temp. and also her mannerisms.

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    I would give her the 2cc of Lute...oxytocin is not given unless she is dialated, to make them push or to bring milk down. Using the 5cc of dexamethazone is up to you, some use it for the maturation of the lungs on the kids others says it helps the lute work better.

    I wouldn't let nature take it's course because the idea there is a viable litter following this is doubtful.

    I would be there for the delivery which because she already aborted could be 36 hours but could also be 12. Make sure she has cleaned and do a uterine wash.

    It could have been the stress of the dog, it also could be a pathogen, so be careful. With the rest of the does due you could choose to wait for other problems, or you could herdwide feed tetracycline for give shots to the does due to kid, especially if they were bred to the same buck as this doe. Vicki
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    Thanks for the replies.

    She did pass the placenta finally 11 hours after the kid. Per Sherrie, I did temperature checks last night and this morning -- normal. We used ultrasound this afternoon to check for additional kids -- if we found them but no heartbeat, we would have followed Vicki's procedure. This was a singelton, though. Got only 2.3# of milk (not really like a typical colostrum) this morning (her udder didn't begin to fill until last night) and am going to try to bring her into milk.