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    I would like to hear some input from some of you on lambar type - which one - square gravity flow one or the round one with tubes? Not for a lot of kids --have 7 kids now and the other 2 does are due within the next week. I hadn't thought much in the past about wanting to use a lambar - because the most we've had were 8-born over 4 months time - but this is a whole different story with all of them born in the same couple weeks -those little cuties turn into a mob at feeding time!!!

    So - I'm looking for pro/con on the 2 different types -(I'm not planning on feeding free choice).

    Also - how difficult is the changeover if the kids have been on a non-lambar type nipple for a couple weeks?

    Thanks for your input!!
  2. Sondra

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    get lambar nipples on your pop bottle now and then after a day of that change them over to the bucket. I like and make my own using the tubes the gravity flow are a PITA to clean I also like square buckets and hang over the fence but hard to come by finding them.

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    I had mine made by my dad. I use a square bucket(about 3 gallons) with 8 holes drilled in it 2 on each side (use the tubes). We usually start the kids on the bucket at about a week or two old but since we have had 1 set of kids bron every week we are just starting to use the bucket. It is not that had to get them started on the bucket. You have to make sure their sucking reflex is strong enough(shorter the tubes the easier it is). Just put the kids by the bucket and put the nipple into their mouths. Usually the kids will start to nurse. Some times it takes a couple of days to learn that the bucket is food. We use the grey lambar nipples that caprine supply sells, 3/8 in tubing that we get at orschlens or you can get it at a hard ware store(most likely).
  4. Tube feeder lambar all the way here.
    I made my own gravity flow lambar a few years back and it was a nightmare. The nipples got chewed through (they do on the straw lambar too) and the kids were ripping the nipples I was using out. Wasted milk everywhere.
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    I don't like the ones that gravity feed(nipples round the bottom). They leak and they tend to drown the kids as soon as the nipples get even a little wear on them. I had more congestion and rattly lungs after feeding. This goes for calves and kids fed using this method.
    With the lambar method they suck it at their own pace and if they need a break the milk just stops flowing and doesn't drown them. I have way less congestion problems and it works great.
    I get my little 2 day old kids on the lambar with no or very little problems. The trick for young kids is to start them out on the lambar nipples from birth, and when you start them on the bucket, fill the bucket up with the milk almost up to the nipples. The kids give a couple sucks and its there. If you have kids who have trouble starting, you can start them on a very small bucket, make the straw very short. I stand behind them, guide their mouth to the nipple and support their lower jaw so they can get a good suction. When they taste that milk they really latch on and I slowly loosen my grip until they learn it on their own. Each kid is different and yes, some can be frustrating. But 3-6 months of hand-free feeding is well worth it in my opinion. :lol
    I have taken older kids from other herds(on different nipples) and they didn't have *any* problem taking to the lambar. I have also taken a friends 8 one-month-old kids who were being dam-raised, and put them on the lambar. They were wild and they were a challenge.....but it worked. ;)
    When they figure it out, they will suck up the milk from any length straw. I have never had to use a training bucket for my kids.
    I buy my own tubing from the hardware store and save money that way. I buy it by the foot(40' at a time), and its very cheap.
    I've never had a kid that I couldn't get on the bucket. If they don't want it the first time, I let them wait till the next meal and try again. It won't hurt them but it sure does help them try harder next time. Some kids need plugged on at every meal for a week or so, but soon they start attacking the bucket as soon as you put it in there.
    I used to say I could never see myself using a bucket......and now I will never do without. :lol
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    Tubes here, too.

    When there are only a couple kids, we put mason jars of milk in the bucket, since the level would be too low just dumping milk straight into the bucket. That being said - any container can be made into a lambar.

    We get them on lambar day 2. You may have to hold their heads up to the nipple quite a bit on day 2, but they catch on pretty quickly.

    It is also sometimes helpful to get them sucking your finger and then just move them over to the nipple once they've started the sucking.
  7. Kaye White

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    And I've yet to see one that didn't leak.
    Buy your nipples from Caprine Supply, take the nipples to any hardware store and make sure the tube is snug inside the nipple. Find a 4-5gallon bucket (with a lid) and drill holes in the bucket at the top. I "think" it's a 5/8ths hole that they fit in.
    Walla, lambar lots cheaper than you can buy them.
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    Thanks everybody -Gosh, I'm really glad I asked because I was leaning toward the other one-I believe I have a few of those grey caprine nipples 'somewhere' -stashed in my kitchen -so will find and go ahead and start switching on the bottle.
  9. I have the lambar that is round with the tubes. I like it better then the other. We use to use the other kind for calves a long time ago.
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    I just started using a lambar system for the first time. I had 7 kids on Pritchard nipples and pop bottles for 2 1/2 weeks, put the lambar in front of them and 1/2 started on it like a pro and the other half had to be put on it, now 4 days later they know how. I have had a lot of trouble switching nipples with stubborn kids...have to say this is the best thing I've tried yet! It's the round feeder with tubes from Hoegger Goat Supply, although mine has softer tan nipples and not gray ones on it. Really not too hard to clean and so much easier than individual bottles.