Labor and Delivery : Uterine Prolapses - How to Repair them By Sue Reith

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    Uterine Prolapses
    How to Repair them
    By Sue Reith

    A goat owner writes:

    I Had a Nigerian doe in labor Monday morning. It took a while for the
    kid to come out, and it finally did she looked kinda' torn up and
    swollen. I just left her alone, and when I checked her later, her
    placenta looked like it was coming out from inside of her. The next
    morning it was still hanging with no change. She acts like she is trying
    to push another kid out and she cries.She is not eating like her old
    self. What should I do?

    This is known as a Uterine Prolapse, and it's when the mom pushes so
    hard that she literally pushes the uterus inside out. The repair for
    this is not difficult, but should be done immediately after it happens.

    What you need to do is find a large, level, flat board, and raised it
    way up at one end while lowing the other end way down.

    You lie the doe with the prolapsed uterus so that her head is at the
    lower end of the sloping board and her legs are at the higher end, and
    you'll need someone to hold her down at the board of the board, as well
    as a couple of buddies to help you at the high end of the board so you
    can replace the uterus back into the body cavity. You prepare some
    sterile water laced with Biomycin (the anti-sting version of
    oxytetracycline) and you rinse off the exposed, and by now no doubt a
    bit dirty, uterus while you carefully and gradually put it back inside
    of the doe where it's normally still found after the birth takes
    place... Then you close the vaginal opening with, yes, 'duct tape' (!)
    so that the uterus will be secured properly back inside of the uterine
    cavity, Then give the doe a good, hefty dose of Biomycin subcutaneously
    (1cc/100lbs, 2X daily), and THEN a dose of Banamine (1cc/100lbs,
    subcutaneously, 1X daily) (to reduce the inflammation that's already
    taken place), and let her back up on her feet, give her the baby she
    went to such trouble to bring into this world... And for the next 3 or 4
    days continue the daily Biomycin and Banamine. And some Fortified B
    Complex injections daily, and a shot of BoSE (1ccX40lbs,daily,
    subcutaneously), wouldn't hurt either, and see how things go.
    Sue Reith.

    But the duct tape doesn't
    actually seal up the vagina either... It's strapped from one side to the
    other side, with the 'hoo hoo' stashed in the middle like always, and it
    just keeps the vaginal tract from being allowed to spread wide enough to
    allow something as large as a prolapsed uterus to sail through it and
    out of the body, but doesn't block the urethral opening at all, so that
    the urine flows out with no problem when the doe's so inclined... They
    actually sell stuff like that in some Ag catalogs, and there's something
    that goat people call a 'spoon' as well that can be purchased in
    catalogs, which is a plastic thingy designed so that it's held up
    closely over the vaginal opening and strapped to the body, and a piece
    of plastic that's part of the design is inserted into the vaginal
    opening, again to keep the uterus from being expelled, but which does
    not block the urethral opening at all...

    Sue Reith.
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