LA coming up, Doe looks awful!

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    Okay...our first appraisal and I'm feeling quite discouraged. Well, embarrassed really to even show up with this doe in mid-May! :blush But even without the looming appraisal, she needs some help!

    Clover is a 3 y/o grade Alpine. She freshened 03/17 with triplets and is a heavy milker (by our standards). She's never been very fleshy but was looking good until...two weeks before kidding she went off of her grain and alfalfa pellets and would only eat grass hay. I monitored her closely, taking temps and giving CMPK daily, keeping her active, until after she freshened at DAY 155!! She went back to her good and hearty eating shortly after freshening but looks terrible. She is very thin, complete bones along her entire topline and has dry, flaky skin.

    I feed whole oats at 2 1/2 lbs per day, 1 cup of BOSS, 1/2 cup flax seeds, 1/2 pound of beet pulp, wet, 1/4 cup ACV, free choice alfalfa pellets (about 3 lbs which she never cleans up), BB Techmaster Complete minerals, good grass hay, fresh water, and browse beginning to grow.

    She got BoSe pre-breeding and just prior to kidding, Lysigin, Covexin-8, copper bolused twice in the last 12 months and dewormed at 100 days bred with ivomec plus, at kidding with Cydectin, 10 day follow-up and again this week.

    I gave away her buck kid so she is milked each morning and then has the two doelings on her during the day (both recieve a morning bottle first before they join her for the day). She gives over 7.5 pounds average each morning milking. I must admit we are milking about 13 hours after we separate her from her kids. Can't seem to get out the door any earlier. :nooo

    I have been trying to not feed soy products this year but I am thinking she needs calf manna which is what I have always fed in the past. And for some reason, my goats will only eat so many alfalfa more than 3 lbs each per day, at most. I buy the better quality. They just aren't very interested and I have never been able to get them to 5:1 Alfalfa to grain. :/

    Another "issue" is that she has developed these "fleshy" bumps where her udder and teats meet. Not like staph. Not hard lumps but fleshy. Milk is fine. Temperature is normal. Appetite very good. We are rubbing peppermint oil on it after milking.

    Also, a skin issue where her udder and belly meet. An area about 2 inches with a crusty covering. Similar to "rain rot" or "scratches" on a horse. We have been cleansing with Betadine and applying tea tree oil.

    Sorry. I was trying to work this out on my own without the group but I am at a loss.
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    The appraiser can code her as not in condition...if you explain the situtation to him/her. And not appraiser her. It happens.
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    At tractor supply you can get a small container of a probiotic powder that you can sprinkle on her grain or you can give her some paste probiotic a couple of times a day. You might try giving her some Valbazen dewormer if you dewormed her with Cydectin both times. If she will eat the calf manna I would top dress with some and some BOSS for some added fat in her diet. I have a heavy milking Alpine that has a fleshy feeling lump where her teat meets the udder also. I think in my case this is what happened. Last year when I had the grandbaby I couldn't milk so she dam raised her single doeling and she blew a teat on the right side. That is the side that has the lump. I think that is what caused her lump. If her udder is strutting before you get out to milk her in the morning that might be the cause of the lump??? Just guessing.
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    I'm sorry. Please define "strutting" for me. She is tight but not leaking. A very lovely udder for a $45 grade doe. The peppermint oil has helped the lumpy issue.

    We use Kefir as probiotic instead of Probios.

    I feed her 1 cup of BOSS a day.

    No signs of tapes. I am the pooper scooper, so I do a visual check as I clean up each day.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I guess she will bow out of appraisal. :/ This is likely the only time I will be participating. Bummer.
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    I have a 4 yr old with a fleshy lump where her teat meets her udder also. It was small when she was a yearling and gets bigger every year. Doesn't seem to bother her at all, gets in the way of milking a little. I think it's just fatty tissue. It's about the size of a golf ball, maybe a little smaller.
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    What the similarity in bloodline with this problem? There is a link...

    Have you ran a fecal? That would be the first thing I would do, coming out of winter with cool weather parasties that eat flesh, yet leave the doe in good mucous membrane color, I would fecal.

    And a good milker is going to be lean, she should be lean. Now the skin issues other than the udder issue, can be a tell tail sign she has a weakend immune system. Do you give bo-se?

    IF you do up her protein with the soy calf manna, do so very slowly, she doesn't need a dramatic change like that quickly, she has no rumen bacteria to eat this high soy protein that she is not used to.

    The dry period is critical for getting weight on a goat like this. You will have to figure out what is wrong in your program that allowed her to go off feed just as she should have been ravenous. vicki
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    "What the similarity in bloodline with this problem? There is a link..."

    Don't really know...She's a grade doe raised on milk replacer which is my only suspect. She has always had lighter pink membranes but fecals have been negative.

    She's three now and always been on the thinner side of goats. She milked through her first freshening 18 months before we bred her. Was in good but lean condition. Dried her off at 60 days. She looked very good. Ivomec Plus at 100 days.

    Yes, BoSe'd, dewormed twice (Cydectin) after kidding and again this week.

    She is much past "lean" more like emmaciated. I'll keep trying to solve the riddle.

    Still trying to resolve the crusty area which isn't healing. No spreading but not getting better.