Kind of graphic breeding question

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    Hi all,

    Well, I attempted my first breeding today. All 3 does are in heat, but I only want to breed one, and depending on your answers, all might have gone well today!

    Okay, I've seen whitish goo on the does before, and wondered if this was breeding evidence. Based on what I'm seeing on them now, though, I'm certain that they make the whitish goo. Does that have never been exposed to a buck, even by accident, are making it.

    Now the one I think I got bred... Is buck goo clear and more liquidy, and not whitish? And will some of it spill out of them right after breeding and everything still be okay? "The Act" was accomplished several times, and finally, the chosen doe and buck just relaxed and cuddled one another. Anyhow, if I'm supposed to be seeing something different than this, I may try them again together later today.

    Sorry to be perhaps a little too graphic... :blush Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Yes the girls will have a whitish discharge sometimes. Yes semen is more clear and liquid, then the discharge. Yes they get it everywhere,and it will spill out. All sounds normal to me. Sounds like you have a doe bred. Watch in 18-21 days and see if she comes in again, if not you should be good to go.