Killer raccoons?

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  1. Will Raccoons kill kids?
    I went down to check the last doe due to kid and when I checked on our prevention babis one was laying in the pen dead and ripped up. She and the others had been fine when dad fed them at 3AM. Everyone drank well and nothing seemed amiss.
    We have raccoons that have been stealing our kittens.
    I know raccoons got to her but what I don't know is whether they killed her or not. She wasn't even a week old yet.

    Anyone ever have kids get killed by raccoons?

    I am so sick to my stomach about this. I just cannot believe they would go this far.
  2. Sondra

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    I would say yes they are capable some of those males get really big.

  3. Shykid Acres

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    So very sad. I am sorry it happened. :(
  4. Little Moon

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    I have had them take my chickens in the past - some of which are bigger than week old kids. I got rid of my raccoon problem with a can of Red Marlin fly bait and a can of coke. The coke brings them in and the fly bait kills 'em dead, but you can't put this out where other animals can get to it. I know it sounds a little harsh, but a raccoon will comeback everynight and take a kid or kitten until they are all gone.

    Good Luck,
  5. They will be taken care of.
    The only live kittens we currently have is a litter of four that I brought to the house. All the other litters were taken the first day they were born. This momma hid her kittens under the milkstand and the evening she brought them out I collected her and her kits and brought them to the house.
    We will be building a pen similar to a chicken tractor for the five remaining prevention kids (including our new buckling).
    The raccoons will be caught in Hav-A-Hart cages and ones we suspect of having been involved will be taken to our neighbor for him to dispose of and a few may end up released far from here.
    It's a new group of raccoons and once they start I know they won't stop.
    They had it easy for being raccoons.
  6. Tracy in Idaho

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    I wouldn't doubt that it was the raccoons.....when we lived in Oregon, we had a couple get into a pen of FULL GROWN 40# turkeys and kill about a dozen of them :(((

    I have a great raccoon recipe if you need it ;)

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    Well if you catch it in a trap you better kill it because it wont get caught in a trap again...they are wise creatures. Also you will have to take it I believe 40 mils away or they will be back...It dont take them long to get back either. I just shoot them if it was me. Had them getting into my chickens and got all of them...Possums too.
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    Agree with Chaty, ;had a trapper tell me once that if you trap them and turn them loose they never forget that trap.. KILL Them..
    I had one come into coop and kill momma hen and fourteen chicks she hatched, ripped momma hen up and ate all the chicks.. We kill them..
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    Yes, don't set it free, it may find its way to someone elses baby goats/chickens/kittens! I have had them tear up some cornish rock X's the day before we were going to butcher them! They didn't even eat them, just shredded them. Also got into the coop with my young pullets and turkey poults, massacre in there too :( I hate raccoons!
  10. There are different family units of raccoons and it is only one family that is likely doing this (the ones that were stealing the kittens as well). We will have the ones caught around back killed most likely.
    If we decide to release any there is a game preserve quite a ways from here and there are some great marshes for them to live at. It is out in the middle of nowhere.
    We have a population of well...a lot of raccoons and they live in different areas around the farm.
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    Just a few weeks ago we had something that killed about 7 of our hens over three nights. On the fourth night I heard the few remaining hens freaking out. My husband grabbed the gun and shot at something (couldn't see anything but the eyes), it got away. That quick bugger went through all the goat pens to behind the chicken pen to feast on it's latest kill. My husband went back there and that coon just looked straight at him as if daring him to shoot it. So he did and the coon went down. DH hadn't brought out enough bullets so he went back in the house to get more to make sure the job was done. good thing he did cause that coon was up again eating that feast. This time he got him good and shot a couple more times out of spite.

    OOOH I hate those coons. I never thought I would feel so good to see something dead as I did that night. There are coyotes, bald eagles and bears around (though we have personally only seen the bald eagles) even cougars - but it is because of racoons we are seriously looking at LGD's. The fencing we have in goatcatraz is cattle panels so feral dogs can't get in. A jumping cougar perhaps. but those coons can crawl through or climb over anything and they are mean as mean and cocky as ever!